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Previously we shared a handy overview of summer must-attend Magento events. But summer is packed with lots of digital marketing events as well and if you want to stay on track with the latest trends, updates, tactics, and technologies, we highly recommend you to attend at least some of them.

And the icing on the cake...They take place in different amazing places in the world you will enjoy definitely.

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<![CDATA[ Can't-Miss Summer Magento Events ]]>

Although some of the biggest Magento events of 2018 have already taken place, there are still tons of great opportunities to meet Magento professionals and learn about Magento and Magento 2. This platform has one of the best communities in eCommerce and that’s why its calendar is full of conferences and meetups for Magento enthusiasts and specialists to attend.  

Check out some of the hottest Magento events that are coming this summer. Find out where you can catch up on the latest Magento developments and community activities.

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<![CDATA[ UX Design In a Nutshell. Why Do You Need It For Your Magento Shop? ]]>

Guest post by NEKLO 

You won’t find difficult terms and buzzwords in this article - you will find how to make your online shop more attractive for visitors. Shop owners make an enormous amount of mistakes of any kind. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes they are not. Here you will discover the list of things to pay attention to and learn how to turn design mistakes into customer magnets.

What is a UX design at all and what constituents of UX you should consider to increase your sales? 

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Previously, we presented to our readers Magento in facts and figures, trying to find out why Magento is to be chosen.

At any rate, for whatever reasons, it is fact that  top world brands have chosen Magento for a reason. With more than 150,000 developers and over 250,000 live merchants, Magento platform is likely to be the most popular commerce platform in the world.

In this post we take a look at some of the big-name retails, from both B2C and B2B sectors, who have picked Magento as their E-commerce platform. Some of the stores have been built in-house, but the majority of them have been built by agencies in the UK or US.

Let's have a look at examples of well designed Magento stores. Believe, these brands need no introduction. 

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<![CDATA[ What The Changes in SSL Mean to Business Owners ]]>

Guest post by NimbusHosting  

With all the furor over cybersecurity and GDPR, it is perhaps, unsurprising, that Google has finally decided to make an attempt at increasing their security standards. For a number of years now they have been encouraging website owners to invest in SSL certificates. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and essentially, what it does is allow a website to be accessed over HTTPS, which encrypts the information between a visitor and the web server. If you think of the information you enter into your browser as crossing a bridge – then an SSL certificate adds an extra fence around this metaphorical bridge, making the passage of data far safer.

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<![CDATA[ 4 E-commerce KPIs You Should Track ]]>

There are lots of metrics that are important for e-commerce. Traffic, subscribers, conversions, social media reach, on-site engagement, customer loyalty - the list goes on!
It’s enough to make your head spin! But what if you had to pick just four key KPIs? In this post, we want to take a look at the most vital metrics for e-commerce stores. 

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<![CDATA[ SMX is Coming to London. Get Your Tickets 15% Cheaper with MageCloud! ]]>

May 22-23, 2018

SMX is a conference created by marketers just for marketers and thus can't be missed by serious marketers. It’s a gathering of some of the biggest names in the industry to share the latest techniques, updates, and technologies to help you achieve more in your online marketing. 

You definitely should attend this event to listen and learn from some of the world’s top experts. If you’re planning a visit, don’t forget to make use of our MageCloud special 15% discount code below

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<![CDATA[ How to configure Color Swatches in Magento 2 ]]>

Guest post by Mageplaza 

People often make decision affected by their moods. That is the reason why in e-commerce, it is necessary for shop owners to pay attention to the display of their stores on the frontend. Therefore, when giving attributes to any item, shop admins need to be careful to provide the true value of Swatches features regarding color, pattern, and texture. A product with detailed descriptions and lively images will sure to attract more customers than a flat picture only, for example. In other words, the appearance of a landing page exerts profound effects on forming intuitive decisions of buyers about whether they should purchase a product or not. Therefore, obtaining a Color Swatch extension is the most appropriate choice for online merchants to configure their products display.

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<![CDATA[ Last-minute EGGcelent Magento Deals! HAPPY EASTER! ]]>

With Easter coming, some Magento providers announced promotions on their Magento products and services. 
Use the following coupon codes and enjoy the Holiday Season!

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<![CDATA[ MageCloud Partners With Land Of Coder ]]>

A trustworthy partner is sometimes everything a business needs in order to succeed. Some businesses spend years finding the right partners and establishing the kind of relationship that is really beneficial to all parties.

That’s why we wanted to tell you more about Land Of Coder, which we recently partnered with. Maybe your business could grow and reach new heights with the help of this company.  So how exactly can your growing business benefit from using their services? 

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