MageCloud - Latest blog posts MageCloud <![CDATA[ Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Magento Platform ]]>

It’s time to rejoice because Black Friday/Cyber Monday is around the corner. This means that you’ll be bombarded with awesome deals and discounts.

The idea was to help you to stop worrying about BFCM deals and instead focus on adding more power and functionality to your Magento website.

Below you can find a list of great bargains on industry-leading themes, extensions and hosting for your Magento online stores!

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<![CDATA[ Meet un-BOO-livable Magento Halloween Deals! ]]>

Boo! It's the end of October which means that Halloween is upon us! Are you ready for some 🎃🎃🎃 pumpkin smashing ? And what about prices smashing?

Use the following coupon codes from Magento providers and enjoy the Holiday Season!

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<![CDATA[ Integrating eCommerce Tools: Save Time and Look Good ]]>

We're very happy to see new companies joining our Partners program because we know that this makes the pool of great services that we offer even better and more versatile.

Meet Cloud Conversion - our latest partner and a certified Salesforce® ISV partner that adapts the robust customer 360 platform and features for eCommerce businesses. 

Maybe your business could grow and reach new heights with the help of this company.  So how exactly can your growing business benefit from using their services? 

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<![CDATA[ 3 Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales by Leveraging Your Customer Reviews [WEBINAR] ]]>

We're very happy to see new companies joining our Partners program because we know that this makes the pool of great services that we offer even better and more versatile.

Meet Trustpilot – our latest partner and one of the top 10 best product reviews software. 

Maybe your business could grow and reach new heights with the help of this company.  So how exactly can your growing business benefit from using their services? 

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<![CDATA[ The Importance of User Experience in Ecommerce Success ]]>

User experience is quite important as it defines the overall user experience with the product and the eCommerce website. If you have ever ordered a product from an online store, you may be familiar with the entire process. It often starts with a search query that may lead to a few websites. 

Upon visiting various websites, you may try using them and close as soon as you find the right website with the products you searched for. The buyer's journey further transcends with the navigation of the website.

For example, a customer may want to view product documentation, features list, reviews, demos, practical users, or they may want to ask a question that is not answered in the FAQ section. For them to quickly interact with the sales and support team, or any other action without hurdles, a UX design is drafted.

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<![CDATA[ 11 Fresh Tips To Improve Your Site Search and Boost Revenue for Your eCommerce Business ]]>

People who use the site search function are looking for a specific product to buy. 

Your site search should be able to match a shopper’s search intent with the product they’re looking to buy. When people search for a product, and find it, they are 6-10 times more likely to convert into paying customers.

Sadly, many eCommerce sites do a poor job of matching shopper intent and shoppers hate searches that return no results - this creates a bad experience for them.

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<![CDATA[ Step by Step Guide to Google Shopping Ads ]]>

Guest post by AdNabu

Ecommerce stores have certainly come a very long way. By the end of July-2020, Google has eradicated the presence of any commission fees, in any of its budding programs. In fact, by the end of April-2020, the search engine announced that product listings will no longer be paid. 

There is also a new Merchant Center for potential business owners called “Surface” being established. Most of these changes are accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The free listings offered by Google will have a direct impact on both the store and the shoppers. After all, isn't it great to enjoy traffic without incurring CPC or any fee?

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<![CDATA[ Cybersecurity in 2020: 7 Challenges for eCommerce Businesses ]]>

Online shopping is growing fast, but cybercrime is keeping up with it. eCommerce security is an urgent issue facing many online businesses. Every hour, hackers become more and more subtle in their fraud schemes and find new ways to disrupt eCommerce companies. However, online businesses with weak information security can be an easy target for any cybercriminal. If your goal is to improve your online security, keep reading to find out seven cybersecurity challenges facing every eCommerce business across the world.

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<![CDATA[ The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Understand Customer Journey ]]>

If you want to improve your business's customer experience, it is essential to understand the journey your customers go through when they engage with your brand, product, and service. They can browse on the phones, buy a subscription plan, or visit your local store. There are so many journeys your customers can go through to the purchase decision, and they are rarely a straight line.

Today's consumers interact with companies in ways that are hard to identify. From gaining brand awareness through social media to getting a reference from a friend after his/her successful deals. There are usually many steps, but if you can understand them thoroughly, you will be able to take action on pain points in the journey and keep the customers satisfied.

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<![CDATA[ Magento vs WooCommerce ]]>

If you have a business and if you are extremely willing to take your business online then it must require some sort of specific platform which is called e-commerce platform. 

So many options and everyone is as better as the following one. Conversely, choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business is a tough job. Every platform has its story, features and advantages. After all, we are not here for creating a war between Magento Lovers and WooCommerce lovers. These both platforms have their specific believers just like Batman & Superman has their own particular fanbase.

In this article, we will differentiate Magento vs WooCommerce. Their key features, pros & cons, is this beneficial for beginners or not and are they both providing better product management or not. We are going to give you unbiased opinion so that you guys can decide on which platform suits you better.

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