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What is the best time to send email? This is the question email marketing experts get a lot. 

Getting your timing right is critical because it heavily impacts the open rate, which impacts click-throughs, which impacts traffic, which impacts conversions.

It’s all about getting that first domino to fall. Do that and the rest should fall into place.

There is no answer to the question. But let me pose another one: 

Does definitive best time to send exist? 
No, it doesn’t.

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<![CDATA[ Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Mobile Magento eCommerce Sales ]]>

No matter the size or primary audience for your eCommerce website, chances are that mobile sales are an important part of your revenue stream. According to studies, 55% of today’s eCommerce traffic goes through mobile. This goes to show how predominant and accessible current smartphone and iOS devices have become.

It also poses an important question in terms of Magento optimization for more eCommerce sales through mobile. With that in mind, let’s take a look at several guidelines and tips which can help you boost your Magento sales originating through mobile with ease. These can be implemented both in mobile site optimization as well as e-commerce application design efforts.

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<![CDATA[ 13 Simple Tips To Give Your Blog A Christmas Holidays Twist ]]>

Guest post by TemplateMonster   

Without a doubt, November brings a lot of things to cheer you up. Among them, there is Black Friday. Well, can you name at least one person who doesn’t like this sales season? This is a long-awaited time when you can finally buy the desired items without overrunning the budget. What’s more, when Black Friday is over, there’s Cyber Monday to continue shopping. It’s an extremely hop time both for customers and shops’ owners, which means you definitely should stand out from the crowd. To say more, November is the time when everyone starts their Christmas preparations. Obviously, there are always competitors and it doesn’t matter which business niche we are talking about. 

That’s why I recommend you to start working on your blog right now!

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<![CDATA[ Why Speed Matters to Your eCommerce Website (Tips to Improve it) ]]>

While there are a number of factors that are involved with building brand recognition and achieving high conversion rates, great performance is universally regarded as one of the most important factors.

Virtually every study conducted on the subject cites decreasing tolerance of end-users for websites which don't perform well. There's simply no doubt that customers will not wait for a website to load, or for an app to function well.

Just as good performance has become required for optimal end-user experience, poor performance conveys to users a lack of sophistication and service capability.

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<![CDATA[ How to Design Magento Checkout Page for Better Conversions? ]]>

Guest post by FME Extensions 

Considering the perks of ideal web store functionalities, we will discuss how important is the checkout page’s performance. Of course, the model "more visitors - more sales" works, but what if your store is being visited by millions of people out there but your conversion rate is considerably low?

Well, the reasons that contribute to a lower conversion rate are countless, but one of them is the poor and inappropriate design of the checkout page. Bringing visitors to your store, and making them navigate through different processes requires a lot of efforts. But, all this goes in vain when they leave the store without purchasing the products they need.

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<![CDATA[ Magento Halloween Deals 2018 ]]>

Boo! It's the end of October which means that Halloween is upon us! Are you ready for some pumpkin smashing? And what about prices smashing?

Use the following coupon codes from Magento providers and enjoy the Holiday Season!

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<![CDATA[ Magento vs Shopify? ]]>

Guest post by Codilar 

Selecting the right eCommerce platform to take your business to the online world plays a substantial role in the success of a business. Leading the business as per estimated plan and strategy is only possible if the right e-commerce platform that has essential and advanced features is chosen. Only the right platform can deliver estimated growth and beyond.

This article will provide details about major differences between Magento and Shopify. Check this post to find out a detailed comparison between the most prominent eCommerce platforms.

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<![CDATA[ Ecommerce Holiday Season 2018 [Infographic] ]]>

Holiday Season 2018 is just around the corner!

Our friends at Cloudways have created a pretty informative and useful infographic about Holiday Spendings Insights 2018. We're happy to share it with you below.

If you wanna go deep into the subject — check eCommerce Holiday Spending Statistics, Trends and Insights 2018.

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<![CDATA[ The Ultimate List of M2 Blog Extensions ]]>

Having recognized how essential a blog is for any online businessit is a small surprise that online retailers are hunting after the experienced third-party development teams to assist them with blog modules integration into their eCommerce platforms. 

If you're running Magento store, full-featured Magento blog extensions can vastly facilitate your web store efficiency since you can always tailor your blog content on the go, in line with modern eCommerce trends and latest customer needs.

Here is the ultimate list of the most efficient digital solutions to bolster your blog functionality.

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<![CDATA[ MageCloud Update: New Magento 2.2 Themes ]]>

Not that long ago we announced the launch of the new Magento 2 themes available to install while using MageCloud, but we had a closer look at Magento 2.1 themes.

Now we would like to present to our readers our new Magento 2.2 themes. Let's find out more about their features.

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