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March 18-19, 2020

SMX is a conference created by marketers just for marketers and thus can't be missed by serious marketers. It’s a gathering of some of the biggest names in the industry to share the latest techniques, updates, and technologies to help you achieve more in your online marketing. 

You definitely should attend this event to listen and learn from some of the world’s top experts. If you’re planning a visit, don’t forget to make use of our MageCloud special 15% discount code below

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<![CDATA[ How to Write SEO Friendly Content for an eCommerce Company ]]>

Have you considered the benefits of content marketing yet? 

To say the very least, it can help you indefinitely with your marketing efforts. 

It can help boost your brand, gain more targeted leads, and increase sales - it's a proven method that the majority of eCommerce sites have chosen. 

Content marketing has proven effective for every type of business. However, you need to make sure one thing is impeccable for it to really work - SEO. 

We've compiled a comprehensive guide to writing SEO friendly content, that will benefit your eCommerce website and blog. 

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<![CDATA[ How to Optimize Survey Invitation Email ]]>

Guest post by AppJetty

Invitation Email, hmmm... still needs work.

After spending hours creating a survey that’ll help you strategize the next phase of your product, ideas might seem blurry when it comes to the survey invitation email. But it is important to invest equal efforts in preparing an invitation email in order to receive maximum open and response rates.

Here are some tried and tested tips to craft a one-of-a-kind invitation email for the highest survey response rates.

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<![CDATA[ Do You Believe That Social Media Indirectly Affects Your SEO Results? ]]>

As you know the trend of social media is increasing day by day. Have you ever thought that your social media likes, shares and comments affect the Google search ranking? 

The answer to the above question is social media which affects the base of relevance and value for the target audience. Social media and search engine work together to give a better result to users. Nowadays social media becomes a basic part of online life. Social media plays a role in making the decision in people's life nowadays. 

In this article, We will discuss how social media effects on SEO and how you optimize social channels for SEO benefits. 

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<![CDATA[ Data Driven Business London 2019 - 15% Discount with MageCloud! ]]>

Once again you can dive deep into the art and science of conversion optimization, digital and predictive analytics, email marketing at Data Driven Business London 2019.  

Data Driven Business is a block of 4 conferences with 1 goal – delivering cutting-edge but proven online marketing & analytics strategies to grow your business. 
You definitely should attend one or all four events to listen and learn from some of the world’s top experts. If you’re planning a visit, don’t forget to make use of our MageCloud special 15% discount code below. 

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<![CDATA[ Magento 2 Upgrade in 3 Easy Steps ]]>

Magento has officially announced that they will continue Magento 1 support until June 2020. Now for every Magento store, it is essential to upgrade to Magento 2 version to continue Online store. Magento 2 has improved a lot in functionality that will help to improve the user interface, faster loading time, shopper experience and many more. However, changing your Magento store is complicated. You need a guarantee ensuring that your store can work normally after being upgraded. The easiest and safest way is that using LitExtension Tool. It can help you perform Magento 2 upgrade in only 3 simple steps.

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<![CDATA[ 7 Best Magento 2 Extensions by Landofcoder ]]>

Are you looking to grow your online business or website in 2019? Well, you’re in luck, because this post is packed with some of the best Magento 2 Extensions for marketers in the market.

In this post, we’re going to focusing primarily on Magento 2 Extensions, and to save you a ton of time searching for the best Magento 2 modules online, a list of 7 of the most incredibly useful ones for online marketers, and entrepreneurs.

So, kick back with your favorite beverage, and check out the list below. Pick a few to add to your marketing toolkit in time for taking your online business or blog to new heights of success in 2019.

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<![CDATA[ Website Optimization for Mobile Devices – Doing it Right ]]>

Nowadays, more users access the Internet via their mobile devices. It has promoted Internet giants like Google to adopt the mobile first approach. The concept of responsive design (which involves creating a website that functions optimally across various platforms) has made the mobile first approach easier. Even with responsive layouts, there is still a lot that can be done to get website optimization for mobile devices spot on.

If you are looking to optimize your website for mobile devices, there are several alternatives that you would need to consider. In this post, we would be taking a look at some of the things you can do right to optimize your website for mobile devices.

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<![CDATA[ MageCloud Partners with LitExtension - Get 20% Discount for Their Shopping Cart Migration Services ]]>

We're very happy to see new companies joining our Partners program because we know that this makes the pool of great services that we offer even better and more versatile.

Meet LitExtension - our latest partner and leading provider of automated Shopping Cart Migration Services. Maybe your business could grow and reach new heights with the help of this company. So how exactly can your growing business benefit from using their services?  

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<![CDATA[ A Short Guide for Starting a Paid Traffic Campaign ]]>

Have you spent time looking at the statistics and research, brushing up on your knowledge of paid traffic campaigns, and made the decision that it makes sense for your company? If so, you aren’t alone. Paid traffic campaigns are nothing new and when done correctly can bring about some excellent results that not only increase traffic but increase revenues as well. Of course, on the flip side, when the campaign proceeds with no real planning, thought or foresight, it can spell disaster for your website.

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