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Why should you choose MageCloud?

  • Magento CE driven

    We create Magento stores with the help of our exclusive technology and a dedicated team of developers and marketers.

  • Professional design

    Design that functions according to your requirements. Conceived with the help of our experience in UX/UI and CRO.

  • Mobile friendly

    Our websites are fully optimized for the mobile web. This is a prerequisite for all of our projects.

  • SEO optimized

    You don´t have to worry about any Google updates or new SEO practices. We keep everything in mind, when creating both, your backend and your frontend. Optimized for people. Optimized for robots.

  • Best Coding practices

    Simplicity. Our exclusive platform offers you full access to code and the opportunity to personally impact the look and feel of your store.

  • Cloud hosting

    You can forget about any downtime. Our technology partner, AWS, offers the best cloud solutions for your website. Get your store hosted for free with their exclusive hosting offer.

  • eBay/Amazon integration

    Fully integrated. Our projects interact perfectly with
    Magento and eCommerce ecosystems - be that a payment processor or any other online tool, our team can fully integrate your website according to your custom requirements.

  • PayPal integration

    We embrace payment diversity. There are so many payment processing companies and opportunities that it´s pretty hard to keep up with them. But not for us. M2E, PayPal and any other payment processing method is within your reach through MageCloud.

  • Analytics & marketing

    Best analytical tools at your disposal. Magento infrastructure offers a great variety of analytical tools that can greatly compliment the standard tools, like Google Analytics. We use this potential to its full extent in our projects.

Get Your Site Starting at Just $2,500

The full package may include

  • Google Analytics Setup
  • MailChimp integration
  • PayPal Setup
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • eBay Integration
  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Blog integration
  • SEO Best Practices
  • Product feed integration
  • 4 hours of support

We´ve done it for hundreds of clients. We can do it for you.

More than 80+ Magento responsive themes to choose from

Our core product helps us launch stores in a matter of minutes and spend the rest of our time perfecting your website. No guess work - this is how your final website may look. Preview available for various mobile devices.

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We have partnered with dozens of top-notch Magento providers and developers to bring
you the eCommerce experience that you deserve.

Thought leaders

Our team comprises of experienced developers, marketers and designers. That´s why our members speak at various eCommerce and marketing events. We´ve contributed to the following events:

  • ConversionConference 2015 (Las Vegas, USA)
  • PubCon 2014 (Las Vegas, USA)
  • PubCon 2013 (Las Vegas, USA)
  • SFIMA 2013 (Miami, USA)
  • CloudConExpo (San Francisco, USA)
  • Meet Magento Germany, 2012
  • PubCon 2012 (Las Vegas, USA)
  • Ecomtim 2012 (Timisoara, Romania)

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Here´s a word from our CEO:

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