Magento Development

Each of our merchants are unique, with their own requirements, products and vision of how their business should grow. With this in mind, we create custom Magento solutions that combine both your creativity and business requirements, while generating user-friendly experiences and providing ongoing support. We are experts in creating custom Magento functionality, modifying existing plugins, building new extensions, bug and conflict resolutions, performance/speed enhancements, etc.

We maintain consistent and reliable communication with our clients to share adaptable, extensible and cutting-edge solutions. We lead our clients through the entire development process so they always know what to expect and our goals are aligned. Depending on the client’s goals and objectives, we define realistic plans that meet their KPIs, design views and layouts, and then create their desired product including constant checks and tests of the site to ensure high quality results.


Development Offerings

Back-End Magento Development

Advanced Catalog and Inventory Management
We help our clients maintain their physical inventory in more than one location, for example across multiple warehouses and showrooms, tracking the movement of items from one location to another.

Advanced Pricing and Shopping Rules
We use a logical and flexible framework to handle complex and tailored pricing scenarios. This enables organizations to segment the price creation process into three basic elements: defining pricing rules, assigning rules to create specific pricing actions, and designating pricing controls.

Multistore Magento Configuration
The objective of the Magento multistore functionality is to create multiple stores accessible on different URLs under the same Magento installation using one shared shopping cart. All stores under the Magento multistore installation share the same backend, including inventory, which makes the administration easy.

Front-End Magento Development

Mobile / Tablet / Desktop Responsiveness
We design mobile-dedicated sites that are specifically tailored for mobile phones. Standard “responsive sites” work on mobile devices, but often the content is rearranged in unnatural ways. We correct this by specifically adapting the content from the desktop site to be truly optimized for mobile use.
Integration of 3rd Party Widgets and Extensions
Advanced Front-End Customization

Platform Integrations

We use order management integrations in order to gain deeper insights into customer trends and conversions. The more integrations a web platform supports, the smoother the store will function and the less time our clients will need to devote to the technical side of the store, thus freeing up more time for them to focus on business development instead.
- Shipping platforms integrations (FedEx, UPS, ShipStation)
- Payment platforms integration
- Inventory management integrations (SellerCloud API,, Salesforce integration)

Magento Plugins Development

We can create a new Magento extension from scratch, or we can customize existing extensions as per business requirement according to development guidelines. Our extensions are well tested through the latest stable version and all current web browsers before delivering or integrating to client’s store.