Magento Extensions

MageCloud features more than 2500+ free Magento extensions from different Magento providers that can be added to your store using our unique 1-click-install tool. Integration of the extension takes no more than 10 seconds. In fact, the whole process is very similar to installing a new app from Google Play or Apple store. We are constantly looking for new extensions and Magento providers to add even more modules to our marketplace.

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Catalog of extensions

You can find more than 2,500 extensions available for your store in our catalogue. We group all extensions into different categories: customer experience, site management, integrations, marketing and utilities, etc. You can filter extensions by vendor, search among free or paid extensions, as well as filter extensions that are available for our 1-click-install feature. We strongly recommend to review all extensions carefully and contact the extension vendors, if you have any questions or need a demo. We recommend launching a staging server for testing purposes.

1-click-install tool

MageCloud lets you install extensions in just 10 seconds with automatic deployment to your Magento store. In order to install an extension to one of your stores, please choose a destination store from the drop down menu and click the ‘Install Now’ button. We are working hard to add more extensions to our marketplace, compatible with the 1-click-install option, but that process is prone to delays, which depend on each specific extension vendor. It’s highly recommended to install extensions only from trusted vendors that provide support and assist with the integration.

Extension vendors

You can search for the specific vendor’s profile within our marketplace. Vendor profiles contain customer support/ contact info and list of all of the extensions, supplied by that vendor. Our vendor list is huge, but you can easily find extensions from top providers, like aheadWorks, Amasty, Fooman and many others. If you are unable to find your preferred vendor, please let us know – we’ll do our best to connect with that vendor and suggest them to list their extensions. Our priority is to connect only professional vendors – we filter our vendors list based on customer feedback and reviews, as we want to deliver the best possible service. If you have any complains about an extension – feel free to reach out to our team and we will do our best to solve any issues directly with that vendor.

3rd party extensions

We support merchants from around the world. We want to enable them to use any kind of extensions, let them plug in any kind of custom modules to the store, if needed. That’s why we let you integrate and install extensions from other providers. In case, if extensions from that specific provider are not yet listed in our marketplace – you can download the extension files from the provider and manually upload them to your store. Many providers offer installation services for an additional fee. You should be able to ask them to install the chosen extension directly to your MageCloud store. You may be required to provide your login information to the developers. If you have any questions about any of the extensions - feel free to contact us for additional support.

List your extension at MageCloud

Professional and Enterprise partners can list their extensions in our marketplace. As a MageCloud Professional or Enterprise partner you can make your extensions available for free, or set up a fee for each installation of your extensions. You will be notified each time someone installed your extension and your contact information will be provided to the merchant, who chose your product. Note that partners are expected to provide support and updates for their featured extensions. Extensions must follow the best Magento execution practices. MageCloud keeps the right to remove any extensions from the marketplace in case, if their provider violates our terms OR in case, if the extension’s customer rating goes below 4.0 out of 5.0. For paid extensions, MageCloud charges an affiliate % fee for each transaction/ installation.