Hot eCommerce Season Is Coming - Let's Prepare For It In Advance!

HOT ECOMMERCE SEASON IS COMING... Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year are all just on our doorsteps. So, it’s time to focus on the new season of spirit-stirring ecommerce events.

Thought, previously we shared our recommendations on some top events in the e-commerce space to attend till the end of the year, we decided to take a closer look at those, taking place this October. 

If you are concerned with ecommerce business and you want to stay on track on the latest trends, updates, tactics and technologies, we highly recommend you to attend the most promising events in the ecommerce world. Combine networking and learning, and you’ll be already one step ahead of competition in devising your new online strategies.

And the icing on the cake...These events take place in different amazing places in the world you will enjoy for sure.

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MageCloud Product Update: New Magento 2 Themes. PART 1

We do our very best for our customers. That's why we update our product regularly to make sure that its value is growing and we are worthy of our client's trust.

With the latest update, we're adding new great Magento 2 themes, which cover different eCommerce niches. Their functionality and customization options are pretty robust. They all feature nice, simple and clean design and offer a host of marketing features right out of the box.

We offer you themes with solid functionality and customization options. They come for FREE and with a range of great features, which are designed to make your life much more easier. 

Let's take a closer look at these themes! Let's start with Ves Fasony!

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Book Lovers Day Spent with Magento

On August 9 we celebrate Book Lovers Day. It's an unofficial holiday that encourages people to pick up a book and spend the day reading.

Reading can not only be entertaining, but also helps to reduce stress, keeps the brain sharp, and even can help you sleep better (boring reading materials, for sure). Moreover, as scientists say, those who read are much more likely to be empathic and understand others better.

With a view to truly enjoy Book Lovers Day, you must only find a story and read it. The genre of your reading is not the big piece of this, just the process of reading itself matters.

If that's the case, why not choose any Magento Book, especially whether you’re new to Magento or want to push your current skills further?

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Upcoming Ecommerce Events You Don't Want to Miss

What? When? Where? and Why?

We've all heard that it's often not what you know but who you know. Meeting people and sharing ideas, the experts say, is one of the best practices you can have under your belt. eCommerce meetings are the top-priority type of events to face industries influencers, professional speakers and other motivated individuals who are eager to learn more about their industries and how they can shape them.

To remind you in the midst of the summer holidays about upcoming events in the e-commerce space, our team decided to share some of our top recommendations.

There are hundreds of e-commerce events worldwide, so in addition to some standard must-attend conferences, you’ll find a couple of newbies to deepen your perspective and networking opportunities.

Let's pull up our calendars and get ready to plan for some of the best ones on the horizon:

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A Great Cheat Sheet for Stock Images

If you follow our blog, you've probably seen us discussing the importance of images for your content and how you can create them without making any real investment. It's really easy to create nice visuals for your product pages, blog posts and social media publications. However, there might be some issues when you're using stock images for your content, like copyright grey areas, etc. 

Luckily, our friends at FirstSiteGuide have created a pretty informative and useful infographic about the intricacies of dealing with stock images. We're happy to share it with you below.

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Wrap Up Your Calendar: List of Magento Events Left in 2016

Autumn is going to be absolutely amazing for the Magento community. There are so many great events that you can attend, but there's another thing that makes this season even better. Now you can experience all of the gloriousness of a Magento event without actually visiting it. With all of the speakers, juicy sessions and insights. Magento is introducing Meet Magento World - the first official online conference for the Magento community.

In this post we'll talk about this conference and some of the other important events that you can't miss this autumn. The schedule is absolutely packed, so start planning now, if you want to attend a couple of these gatherings. Hopefully our details about the events will help you choose the most exciting ones.

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Should You Start Exploring VR Marketing Now?

VR is a relatively new technology that's steadily going over the 'early-adopters' stage with sales reaching millions. Technological giants like Sony, Facebook and HTC are actively trying to increase their share on the market that has a significant potential. This means that more and more potential clients are being introduced to VR. Apart from being interested in various forms of VR entertainment, these people may also be susceptible to various forms of advertising and promotions through this medium. Big companies already explore this medium with some success

One downside that's currently present with VR is the cost of implementation. A successful marketing product that utilizes VR costs a lot. For medium and small businesses VR is out of the itinerary, simply because it's too taxing on marketing budgets. But if you're working on long-term planning for your business, VR is a technology that can't be overlooked. And just like with any mass market tech, at a certain point, it will become affordable for more businesses. Given the possible implementations, a successful VR marketing tactic can really set you apart from your competitors. VR marketing is going to be cheaper within the next couple of years. All of the available free development products out there make this a very realistic possibility. 

In this article we'll review some of the important facts that make VR marketing a very tempting opportunity that you can't ignore. It also provides some validation for your marketing bosses, who aren't convinced about the potential value of VR technology for your business.

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Video Game Industry Lessons for eCommerce Businesses

Before you dismiss the notion that video game industry is actually a good example for eCommerce companies, I'd like you to consider the following information. Over 25% of men aged 18 and below play video games. The majority of video game players in the US are between 18 and 35 years old. So either most of them have the purchasing power now or will be the bulk of people that have it in the nearest future. These are the millennials, who currently spend the most money shopping online in the US. 

That's why the video game industry is a great example: it has the right consumer base. These are also the people, who are likely to be good with new technologies in the future. The consumer reactions to various decisions by game producers and publishers can tell businesses a lot about the mindset of their prospective clients and the business practices that won't fly with savvy online shoppers. Let's take a look at some of these examples, which might help you build an ethical and prosperous business online. The following tips should work for the majority of eCommerce niches. 

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