Magento Extensions Made by HubLogix


MageCloud partnered with HubLogix to deliver their Magento extensions to all of our users with the help of our exclusive installation process. Install any Magento module by HubLogix in 1-click from your MageCloud panel and get access to free Magento themes for your business.

HubLogix provides full support for their extension. If you have any questions about extensions below - feel free to contact HubLogix and their support team.

Please post reviews and comments about HubLogix, its extension and support so we can deliver only the best Magento applications for our users.

Find more Magento extensions in our marketplace and get new functionality, components and even business ideas for your Magento store.

HubLogix drives profitability for thriving online retailers by automating their back-end processes from purchase to delivery. Through our technology – including The Order Lifecycle Management Platform for retailers online – we connect online retailers with their distributors and technology partners to cut fulfillment costs and create competitive advantages.

HubLogix | Backend Automation

HubLogix is a backend automation platform that cuts costs, drives profits and helps you scale smart.