Magento Extensions Made by OptimiseWeb


MageCloud partnered with OptimiseWeb to deliver their Magento extensions to all of our users with the help of our exclusive installation process. Install any Magento module by OptimiseWeb in 1-click from your MageCloud panel and get access to free Magento themes for your business.

OptimiseWeb provides full support for their extension. If you have any questions about extensions below - feel free to contact OptimiseWeb and their support team.

Please post reviews and comments about OptimiseWeb, its extension and support so we can deliver only the best Magento applications for our users.

Find more Magento extensions in our marketplace and get new functionality, components and even business ideas for your Magento store.

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Cookie Law Compliance - EU / UK - Implied Consent

Comply with the EU Cookie Law by displaying a customisable message with this Cookie Notice ...

Optimise Web's Mass 301 Redirects for 404 Pages

Set up bulk 301 redirects for 404 pages by uploading the URL data in a CSV file. No HTACCESS or DB ...

Optimise Web's Clicky Integration

The Optimise Web Clicky Integration extension adds Clicky visitor tracking and dynamic goals to ...

Optimise Web's Mobile Detect Class for Magento

This Magento helper from Optimise Web enables the use of all functions provided by