Magento extension ASPerience AddressComplete by asperience

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This module gives possibility to complete addresses (by postcode+country or by Google Maps API)

Compatible with Magento 1.x

ASPerience AddressComplete

This module allows for front-office and back-office to :

  • complete city and region when typing postcode (filtered with country and city if ever partially typed) for countries for wich cities and regions have been filled in base
  • complete entire address when typing address through Google Maps API
  • fullfill and synchronize cities and regions with

For a country, if cities and regions are not filled in base, nothing should happen

For a country, if cities and regions are filled in base, either through a synchronization with datas or manually (postcodes and cities must be filled in directory_country_city table, with correct region code to link to directory_country_region)

Google Maps API is an option. For production mode, a Google Maps API key should be created and typed in configuration tab for module. With Google Maps API option, all addresses are geo-localized in databse in order to be able to use ASPerience Dropshipping module

Google Maps API option can be used with cities+regions filled or without. If cities are filled, this should not really be useful, but for cart shipping cost estimation. If regions are filled, if region is not of same name as in Google Maps, searching is done without accents, then region is searched through postcode and city (with various declining equalities), then region is searched with first chars of postcode if option activated.

    Front-end screens:
  • cart
  • onepage