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Extension allowing to delete selected test or production orders.

Compatible with Magento 1.x

ASPerience DeleteOrders

In  Magento, you can't delete orders. This extension allows to delete : 1) selected sales orders without any invoice/shipment/credit memo => level 1 2) selected sales orders and linked invoices, shipments and credit memos => level 2 You can set the status of orders you want to delete in the configuration section.

Warning: It's  preferable to delete only the testing orders during the development of your local website.You take risks if you delete Orders directly in your Website.


Configuration path: Configuration/Sales/Sales/Deletion of Orders

This module is developed by ASPerience, spécialiste Magento


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For your sites with downloader 1.0, you should download latest package and install manually as upload doesn't work for this channel version.


  • 0.2.7 Sales tax deletion + comments refactoring + packaging correction
  • 0.2.4 Quotes deletion + comments refactoring
  • 0.2.3 specific code for those who don't have any more the constraints between a grid and the flat table, messages improvementand deletion of sales_order_tax lines
  • 0.2.2 There was an error in packaging of previous version (deletes inactive for some tests)
  • 0.2.0 ACL, messages improvement, delete correction for grids and status list extension
  • 0.1.9 State/status correction
  • 0.1.8 Changing supported