Magento extension BankPayment by PHOENIX

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Bank prepayment module which notifies the buyer to which bank account he has to transfer the money.

Compatible with Magento 1.x


The module allows you to enter one or more bank accounts in the payment configuration which are displayed to the customer during the checkout and the order email to notify him where to transfer the money.

This module is also available on GitHub in the latest version.

This extension is maintained by PHOENIX MEDIA, Magento Enterprise Partner in Stuttgart and Vienna.



From 1.1.0 see changelog in Release Notes tab.

- version 0.3.4 is considered as stable

- added configuration options to hide bank accounts and customer text in PDF

- Fixed store specific accounts' configuration handling in the backend

- Enabled store specific configuration for some values

- Added missing PDF template

- Magento 1.4 support
- Support for multiple bank accounts
- Support for CMS notification page (adopts idea from Market Ready Germany package (symmetrics))
- Min/max order total configuration option
- Additional translations for DK, ES, FR (thanks to the community)
- Configurable on store view level

- added Polish locale

- added Greek and Italian locales

- added Dutch and Portuguese (Brazil) locales

- custom text field converted to custom text area (multiline)
- bank data is now aligned in a table

- custom text field added
- added Norwegian Bokmål locale
- moved from local to community code space
Important: As the code was moved from local to community code space, you have to