Magento extension Online World Map by Cheng Wei

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Online World Map , Widget of Google Map, Customer distribution checking

Compatible with Magento 1.x

Online World Map

Online user's world map, show who is online and where they are.
Before use, you need to download the last GeoLite City Binary Format from MaxMind(, and extract file 'GeoLiteCity.dat' into 'var/'

If need help, you can contact me by email:

v 1.1.2

enable IP detect in shell scripts

v 1.1.1

fix issue of region map in back end

v 1.1.0

fix locale issue with wrong client detecting

v 1.0.9

fix url in admin

v 1.0.8

change javascript load type

v 1.0.7

fix issue of marker clusters js

v 1.0.6

update google map api to version 3.0

v 1.0.5

fixed issue while disable short_open_tag

v 1.0.3

fixed issue in https

v 1.0.2

Fixed some issues in 1.0.1

v 1.0.0

New release with widget

NOTICE: v 1.0.0 will not support magento 1.3 !

v 0.9.6
Fixed some issues in 0.9.

v 0.9:
1) add more configuration entry
2) include Net_GeoIP file in package
3) show map in backend (under 'Customer' menu)

v 0.8:
1) add configuration for GeoIP data file
2) check online customer from log
3) use Net_GeoIP for IP location detect

v 0.7:
add support for 'GeoIpCity.dat', now you can use 'GeoIpCity.dat' instand of 'GeoLiteCity.dat'

在线用户地图, 类似于, 可以显示当前有哪些用户在线.
使用前需要到 下载IP数据(二进制格式, GeoLite City Binary Format),并将 GeoLiteCity.dat 解压到 var/ 目录中。