Magento extension Price Slider Daffodil by Daffodilsw Ltd

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Ajax based Price Slider

Compatible with Magento 1.x

Price Slider Daffodil

Price Slider is a Magento module, which facilitates users to see products in certain price range as per their choice. Utility provides an excellent Ajax and JQuey based UI at front end of your store. Moving the slider right or left applies the desired price filter on the products catalog. It is very easy to configure this module on website using readme file. User can see in "From" and "To" fields under the slider as to which price range has been selected to filter products. Application facilitates user to simply fill in price figures in "From" and "To" fields. Clicking on Search link shall filter the products in the store, which fall in that price range. The best functional feature of the utility is that it considers special price of the products while searching products based on the price range set. Replacing traditional price matrix in "Shop By' section of your Magento Store with Daffodil Price Slider certainly adds aesthetic appeal to your product catalog and makes it handy and user friendly for the users to surf products priced in certain cost range. DPS is compatible for Magento 1.5, 1.6 and Magento 1.7 community version and can be customized on request for other Magento versions too. We wish to hear your experience and feedback on DPS. Saurabh Chaudhary from Magento Development Team at Daffodil Software Limited have contributed in development and testing of this Magento extension.