Magento extension Simple Configurable Products by Matt Dean

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Use Simple Product Pricing for Configurable Products

Compatible with Magento 1.x

Simple Configurable Products

This extension changes the way that the pricing of Configurable Products works in Magento.

With Simple Configurable Products, the price for configurable products is taken directly from the associated simple products rather than the configurable product itself.

This gives site owners direct control over the price of every individual configuration of a product, while still giving users the flexibility they usually get with configurable products. There's no more having to set rules such as: +20% for blue, -£10 for small, +15% for leather. You just price the underlying small-blue-leather product at £199.99 and that's what the user pays.

SCP has full support for:

  • Special Prices
  • Tier Prices
  • Custom Options
  • Catalog Price Rules
  • Dynamic update of product image/description/name to match the matching associated product


Documentation & Instructions

See for installation instructions and a complete list of features and notes.


This extension is free

This extension is provided totally free to use and will remain so, however I spend a lot of my free time maintaining and improving it and providing support, so if you've found it useful please consider making a donation, thanks.


Release Notes:

Version 0.8 adds support for Magento 1.5 plus various bugfixes since the latest 0.7 release.

Version 0.7 of SCP