Magento extension Site Search Analytics by SearchStax

MageCloud partnered with SearchStax to offer Site Search Analytics in your MageCloud panel for our simple 1-click installation option. To install this extension - create your account with MageCloud and launch a new Magento store. It takes only 3 minutes.

SearchStax always provides support for customers who have installed Site Search Analytics Magento module. Feel free to leave a review for the company and the extension so we can offer you better products and services in the future.

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Get detailed analytics for what your customers are searching for and whether they are finding what they need.

Compatible with Magento 1.x

Site Search Analytics

Site Search Analytics Magento extension allows you to keep track of what your customers are searching for and whether they are finding what they need.

Tons of revenue gets lost when people don't find what they are looking for or if your product is hidden on the 3rd page. Get all insights you need to understand whether your site is optimized for search and generate more product sales.

The site search analytics plugin is complemented by our mobile and web optimized dashboard that you can use to see all the reports.

The current version of the plugin supports the following features:

  • Top Searches & No Result Searches - Identify what your customers are searching for and what they are not finding, giving you an opportunity to engage them more.
  • Search Volume and Rate - Get data on your monthly, weekly and daily searches.
  • Search Performance - Get data on how long your searches are taking and trends on the performance metrics.
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