ToBai BrandNav Bridge

MageCloud partnered with ToBai to offer ToBai BrandNav Bridge in your MageCloud panel for our simple 1-click installation option. To install this extension - create your account with MageCloud and launch a new Magento store. It takes only 3 minutes.

ToBai always provides support for customers who have installed ToBai BrandNav Bridge Magento module. Feel free to leave a review for the company and the extension so we can offer you better products and services in the future.

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ToBai BrandNav Bridge makes your ToBai Extended Brand and ToBai Extended Navigation fully compatable.

Compatible with Magento 1.x

ToBai BrandNav Bridge

ToBai BrandNav Bridge is a free extension which makes your ToBai Extended Brand and ToBai Extended Navigation fully compatable. Having this application installed now you have "Shop by" block on your Brand page! All features of Extended

Navigation work smoothly there. You have Ajax filters and Sort by, Autoscrolling, Responsive Price Slider, Category Slider, SEO Friendly URLs.

There is one more very useful feature. When ToBai Extended Brand and ToBai BrandNav Bridge installed you got one new product attribute filter option view type in your ToBai Extended Navigation! It is Images. You can upload images for attribute options in Manage Brands area. Choose View Type = Images at Edit Attribute page Tab Navigation. And there will be images instead of text in Shop by block.

ToBai BrandNav Bridge extension comes with User Manual and Installation Guide.

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