Just last month we had a great Magento community event held in Croatia. But in a matter of weeks the Balkans will host another great Magento event that we wanted you to learn more about. Meet Magento Serbia will be held on the 10th of June in a great city of Niš, which is famous for its history and great summer weather. This is a one-day event, but it's definitely worth visiting.


Niš is one of the biggest and oldest cities in Serbia, with historical sights dating back to the Roman Empire. It's surrounded by scenic mountains and beautiful valleys. One of the under-appreciated travel locations in the region, which you definitely need to explore.

The event itself will be held in the Constantinus Palace, which is part of the luxurious 4 star Tami Residence Hotel. It's famous for the great and convenient location within Niš, modern design and scenic view.


The organizers from Younify.nl have prepared a very solid line up of speakers, many of whom you will recognize. They represent years of Magento experience and tons of challenging Magento projects behind their backs.

Ben Marks

The evangelist at Magento. You can see him at all of the biggest Magento events around the world. He's a great source of info on Magento, Magento 2 and PHP. 

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Yaroslav Rogoza

He's the CTO at Atwix and a very experienced eCommerce professional. With over 7 years of experience in the business, he knows what it takes to run a successful Magento enterprise.

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Stanislav Mihic

Stanislav is a Magento frontend developer, currently working at Inchoo. He's experienced in building Magento websites according to all of the best practices in coding and accessibility.

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You'll definitely get your portion of some fascinating and practical Magento advice during the event. Since this is a one-day conference, there are 2 sections. One dedicated to technical aspects of running stores. The other - to the business side of Magento. If you're attending - a good option would be to mix sessions from both, business and tech parts. Some of the sessions will help you to:

MageCloud Marketplace Deal with Magento environment during high availability periods

MageCloud Marketplace Learn more about Magento 2 Frontend architecture

MageCloud Marketplace Find out more about Magento 2 performance in different environments

MageCloud Marketplace Learn more AdWords insights and best practices

MageCloud Marketplace Understand more about the fourth industrial revolution and what it means for eCommerce

You can find the full list of sessions here and plan your attendances. Seems like the organizers at Younify.nl have done a great job of offering a great variety of topics that the Magento community actually cares about. Hurry up and buy the tickets for a very good price while they're available.

Would you be attending the event? What sessions do you find to be the most intriguing? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!