We're very proud to announce that we've added another great hosting provider to the list of MageCloud's options. Please welcome - DigitalOcean, one of the leaders in cloud hosting, optimized for developers. But it doesn't mean that business owners can't utilize their amazing infrastructure. 

This option should work for both, store owners and developers, running their Magento instances at MageCloud.net. DigitalOcean has all of the technology and services, needed to run a stable and fast cloud server. 

DigitalOcean and It's Impressive Technology Stack

DigitalOcean offers some of the most advanced hardware and software options for their clients.

MageCloud Marketplace Exclusively SSD-backed

All of the DigitalOcean's servers run on solid state drives, without any other options. This means better speed, performance and reliability.

MageCloud Marketplace <1 Minute Start

Get your server up and pinging in under a minute with DigitalOcean and its exclusive technology.

MageCloud Marketplace Power to the Metal

DigitalOcean runs Hex Core machines with dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage: great responsiveness and processing speed.

MageCloud Marketplace Intuitive Control Panel

With DigitalOcean's control panel your daily operations are made easy.

MageCloud Marketplace Speed

With network interface speed of 1Gbp/s, DigitalOcean's servers are VERY fast.

Of course, this is not the full list of their options and features. Find out more about their distros and 1-click apps. Find out how your DigitalOcean control panel will look like. 

Adding DigitalOcean to MageCloud

Account > Launch Your Store > Start Now > Choose a Theme > Launch Store > Choose Hosting (DigitalOcean). Here's a list of the available server options with MageCloud: 

Here's how you can obtain an API key from DigitalOcean, which is necessary for running their servers via MageCloud. If you have any additional questions or concerns about DigitalOcean on MageCloud - let us know in the comments below or use our contact form .