This week we’ve got some pretty exciting news. Our clients have been waiting for this for quite some time now. As you probably know, Amazon AWS has been our main hosting provide since the beginning.  We decided to go with this provider, since it’s one of the top, if not THE top hosting provider in the world.

Now, things are going to change. Today we’re introducing another big player in the world of hosting providers.  It’s time to add another reliable hosting provider to our pool of excellent service features.

Softlayer Hosting for MageCloud 

Please welcome – Softlayer. That’s right. From now on, you’ll be able to choose among a selection of great hosting providers for your store, running on MageCloud. But that’s not it. We’re constantly working on even more options for you, guys. In the nearest future we’re planning to add Digital Ocean and a couple of other great hosting services. As you understand, it’s a pretty complex process and it always takes time to implement features like these. That’s why we can’t give any specific deadlines at this time.  Stay tuned for more update on this topic – be sure to sign up for more updates. You can check out Softlayer's API documentation here.

Softlayer also offers a free trial of their cloud services, so be sure to give them a try. 

MageCloud 1 Hour Demo 

But wait, that’s not it. Previously, if you wanted to test out MageCloud – you had to add a hosting provider. If you’re someone, who’s exploring options and/or new to eCommerce, you simply might have the time and the resources to set up a server, pay for it, work with API, etc.

Well now, you can opt in for our newest feature – 1 Hour MageCloud Demo, which requires no hosting setup. The hour demo allows you to check out some of the essential features that we offer. Since you can basically launch an online store within 15 minutes with the help of MageCloud, an hour of absolutely free MageCloud service should get you covered.

We still offer the free account, which would require a hosting solution. But the 1 hour demo option allows you to properly test drive the system before actually signing up for the service.  

We hope that with better hosting options and all of the new features that we have added recently – you’ll find MageCloud even more appealing as a service, which can help you easily launch, manage and customize online stores.