This is the first post in a series of articles, which will highlight some of the latest additions to the Magento Connect store. We’re planning to post these up every week with short reviews of 3-5 extensions that we think should be pretty useful for any store owner. 

This week the newly arrived extensions were trying to help you with your mCommerce, social marketing and online payments through BitCoin. Note, that all of these have just been added to the marketplace, so we can’t guarantee that they’ll work perfectly. 

Magento Connect Weekly 


This extension allows you to create mobile applications for your stores. It claims to be the universal solution. However, the price tag that it displays is pretty hefty. For example, here’s a collection of mCommerce tools, which we discussed in a guest post recently and some of them seem to be as full of great functions, as MageMobi. The only difference is the price. 

Some of the product features, which we think are important to highlight. These are not available in some of the more simple alternatives: 

 Unlimited number of products

 Diverse language support 

 Various shipping methods available

 Call functions

One of the best product features is probably the fact that you have to pay for the product only once. It’s also important to note that the documentation that they offer at MageMobi is pretty detailed and informative. You should have no problem installing and using this extension. 

Social Suite by Vivacity

This extension offers you additional social media functionality and comes at a reasonable price. To tell you the truth, the description is pretty conflicting for the app. Here’s what it will help you to do for sure:

 Automatically post your product to your social media accounts (think of it as Hootsuite for products)

 Allows you to add social sharing buttons to your product pages

 Social login 

These features could also be applied to your CMS. Basically this is a universal social sharing extension, which will work with Magento and Wordpress (at least this is what they promise in the description).

CoinGate Bitcoin Payments 

Bitcoin is on the rise now, if you haven't noticed. More and more people are willing to make and accept payments in cryptocurrency. Of course, as a business owner, you might find an investment in BitCoin to be risky. We've all heard about the failures and security issues associated with this currency. CoinGate allows you to transform BitCoin into real, convertible money. 

The process is simple - receive payments in BitCoin, get it exchanged for the currency of your choice and pay a 0.1% commission. Pretty simple and interesting, especially if you're ready to experiment with new payment methods and opportunities. 

This extensions allows you to accept payments in various forms with BitCoin through CoinGate payment processor. For example, people could pay through an invoice, QR code and a number of other options. 

Have you used any of these already? Do you have a favorite extension that was recently added to Magento Connect? Tell us more in the comments below.