One of the first Magento events that took place this autumn was the Magento Demo Day meetup, organized last week by Mitch Goldman and the London Magento community. The event was hosted at the cavernous hall at ‘Skills Matter’ - one of the community tech hubs in London. The event featured some great presenters from innovative companies that are working on some really interesting Magento solutions. These solutions can manage your products, increase your conversion rate, optimize your page loading speeds and do tons of other things that can help you to make more money. 

We were honored to showcase MageCloud’s capabilities to the expert panel and the audience at the event. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the presentations and featured products.

Magento Demo Day Meetup

Cloudinary - Image Optimization

We’ve featured this amazing product on our blog before in a case study, using MageCloud’s hardware. It was performed by one of the Cloudinary evangelists - Grant Kemp, who showed how Magento stores can benefit from adopting this innovative image and video optimization solution. 

He showed examples of Magento sites, which had seen 2x increase in page loading speeds, minimized server loads and increased server capacity with better image compression. The best part? It’s all done automatically. 

You can view the presentation here:

Here’s what Grant has to say about the meetup:

"One of the fantastic things about the Magento community is that they are always looking to push the boundaries. The room atmosphere was really electric and you could feel the enthusiasm. 
Great event, and I really loved sharing my ideas and passion for high performing images and have met some wonderful people as a result.  Seeing the breadth and variety of great startups tonight,  is a great reason why Magento is really one of the top innovation platforms in the world."

Shweep -  Loyalty Gaming

This is the next level of gamification. A truly unique product, which offers an intriguing new concept of customer engagement. It offers clients the opportunity to pay a small fee, instead of the full price and get a chance to win their cart, which they were trying to purchase. In this case, the store doesn’t lose a thing and is fully reimbursed, if the client wins. 

The CEO of Shweep, Richard Upton, claims that their solution can double the conversion in some cases. It’s undeniable that a solution like this can build brand loyalty and offer additional layer of exclusivity to Magento stores. 

Richard’s full presentation can be viewed here:

StoreGecko -  Product Creation and Management

A wonderful and easy to operate product management solution that automates some of the product creation process, troubleshoots possible issues with products and their attributes and allows you to easily fix all of these problems. It also offers some great filters, which allow you to micro-manage your stock.

It could potentially save you dozens of hours every month. Especially, if you have hundreds or even thousands of SKUs in your inventory.

Check out the presentation here:

NearCollect -  Product Delivery

An awesome new approach to parcel management. Tired of waiting for the delivery service? Don’t have the time to wait for the parcel to arrive? How about a pickup location that is conveniently located near you? 

This solution allows you to pick up your parcel from a selection of local businesses that work with NearCollect. This simplifies the delivery process and makes your life a lot easier. This is from the customer’s point of view.

Now imagine the potential benefits for the store - you just hand over the package to NearCollect and let them do the rest for you. This also offers a new delivery method for your clients, which also makes your store a more convenient place to shop. 

Their presentation is here:

MageCloud -  Magento Deployment, Management and Hosting

Of course, we couldn’t miss this opportunity to present our solution to an audience of Magento professionals and enthusiasts. At the end of the event attendees were asked to leave some feedback about the products and demos, which they saw. We were delighted by the feedback, as it offered us more insights into what people are actually looking for in solutions like MageCloud. Some people simply wrote: “Simple and nice.” or “This is pretty interesting for our Magento agency. We’ll give it a test run!” 

Here’s a short commentary about the event from our CEO - Paul: 

“Unfortunately, I was not able to be there personally and interact with the audience. But I’m glad that I could show off the results of our hard work and cooperation with our partners. It was interesting to check out other Magento solutions that were presented at the event. Having the ability to connect with a wider audience was massively useful. I hope that next year our team will be able to attend the event in person and meet all of the great Magento folks that will attend.”

You can check out our presentation here:

For more info you can visit the event’s page at There are tons of other Magento events coming up this fall, including Meet Magento NY, MageTitans, etc. Follow our blog for coverage of these events.