Dates, sales, orders, SKUs, files, order IDs and a bunch of other numbers make up your daily Magento routines. If you’re allergic to Excel and any other similar tools, then you should definitely be looking for instruments, which can make your data management, processing and analysis a lot easier.

In this post we’ll share 3 pretty specific and useful data management extensions, which could save you a ton of time and effort, clean up your admin panel and simplify store surfing for your clients. Of course, these are free, so you should be able to easily test them and make sure that they work for you. 

Order Monitor Tool by

Being able to analyze the data that you collect and store is an important step towards boosting your sales, retention rates and profit. This extension is a great free alternative to some of the paid store monitoring tools.  

It allows you to build daily sales forecasts, based on historical data. It stores a year's worth of data and can pull it whenever you want. But one of the best features of this extension is the alert system. It allows you to set up alert notifications for some of the KPIs and daily stats, which you would like to monitor. For example, you’ve launched a promotion that you think is going to be successful and you want to finish it as soon as your customers save a certain amount on discounts. You want the rest of the visitors to buy the product without the discount (getting a little extra from your successful traffic build up). 

This extension can monitor the savings of your customers and alert you, according to your configuration. This applies to most of the other KPIs, which you track on daily basis. You can also review this data through an intuitive dashboard with tons of data sets to track, configured according to your liking. 

Order Eraser by

Depending on your system setup and the type of your business, managing and looking through your order history might be a real problem. This is especially true, when you’re trying to manage multiple stores and hundreds or even thousands of orders. And depending on your ordering process, you might have orders that have been placed, but never paid. 

Analyzing data sets like this can be troublesome, especially when your database is full of incomplete orders. These can greatly scew your analysis results.  

Or maybe you simply want to clear your database of unwanted orders, made by clients, which you no longer serve due to changes in your business model and/or your business process. Order Eraser is just what you need in this case. 

It takes only minutes to install and you’ll be able to delete all of the unnecessary orders, invoices and other data, associated with them from one spot. Unclutter your Magento store with this simple and useful extension. 

Extra Tabs by Rehan Mobin

Letting your readers sift through walls of text, when they’re trying to find relevant information about your product is a bad idea. It’s always better to have info structured according to product specifications and serve it in a form that is usable and understandable. This is very important when you’re dealing with complex goods, like electronics with tons of features and specs. Structured product descriptions also make it easier for mobile users to browse and shop at your store. 

That’s why proper product data management is a must. And this extensions can easily help you with that. 

The installation process is very easy and you can enable this extension in a matter of clicks. The setting are pretty flexible, as you can freely add a reasonable amount of extra info tabs to your product description pages. 

Food for Thought

Data management and processing are important attributes of running an online store. Remember that there’s probably an extension for every specific data management task, which you might have on your hands. Don’t waste your time - spend enough of it searching for the right extension for your store.

And remember that at MageCloud we offer tons of great data management extensions, which you can add to your store for free with just 1 click.

What is your favorite data management Magento extension? Why? Share it in the comments below.