One of the biggest Meet Magento events this year. We've gathered some of the most important bits of information about it, including links to some of the presentations.

Meet Magento New York Highlights

The Hackaton that preceded the first day of the conference had some great results and some very useful ideas for Magento 2.

The opening keynote by Bob Schwartz was very inspiring and informative.

Bob shared some insightful ideas and thoughts about the current state of commerce.

'Magento' as a search term is more googled than 'commerce'. Fascinating.

Karen Baker – CEO of ShipperHQ, had a great talk with some great stats.

Paul Rogers had some great tips about a sound UGC strategy.

Fabricio's presentation is great for anyone interested in Magento integration and deployment. Definitely check it out.  

Some more great tips from Paul Rogers.

Resolve your duplicate content issues in Magento with these simple tactics.

Benno's presentation about product information management included some great stats and ideas about PIM systems and their proper implementation.

Great presentation by Mark Shust about Magento 2 development with Docker. You can check it out online (follow the link in the tweet).

Michael Türk had a lot to say about personalization.

Some of the info in his presentation was extremely useful:)

More about the current state of Magento and where it’s going.

Joshua’s presentation on Magento 2 was inspiring. Definitely check it out, if you’re trying to prepare yourself for the upcoming iteration of the biggest commerce platform out there.

Some stats to keep in mind, if you’re thinking about optimizing your website.

Want more highlights? Check ‘em out here.

Bonus – Meet Magento Belarus

This event took place on the 21st of September and was a bit overshadowed by Meet Magento New York. However, it had some great presentations and speakers.

Kristina’s presentation is in Russian, but contains some great insights. Check it out here.

Amasty shares some insights on client management in Magento and the most common problems that developers face with new clients:  server access, navigating new client’s servers, finding files, fixing Cron, etc.

Some impressive stats about Magento 2 checkout.

Some of the top help desk solutions and their ratings, according to Vitaly Kolukshev – head of customer care at Amasty.

Have your own highlights to share from these events? Share them in the comments below.