Magento platform has one of the best communities in eCommerce and that’s why its calendar is full of conferences and meetups for Magento enthusiasts and specialists to attend. 

To keep pace with the hottest trends, you need to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. And nothing can help you do this better than offline conferences and events, where you can get new ideas, share your own experience, meet like-minded people and establish beneficial contacts.

And the icing on the cake...They take place in different amazing places in the world you will enjoy definitely.

We are happy to present you a comprehensive calendar of Magento conferences & events across the globe which covers all areas of Magento development and makes it easier for you to keep abreast of the events that fit your needs the most.  Find out where you can catch up on the latest Magento developments and community activities. 

The schedule is absolutely packed, so start planning now, if you want to attend a couple of these gatherings. 

NOTE: some of the dates have not been confirmed yet, but we will keep updating the list on a regular basis. 

Let's pull up our calendars and get ready to plan for some of the best ones on the horizon:

Name Date Place Organizer
Meet Magento Dubai
Sep 3-4
Dubai, UAE
Dev Team 
Meet Magento Argentina
Sep 7
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Summa Solutions 
Meet Magento Poland
Sep 10-11
Cracow, Poland
Meet Magento Sweden
Sep 17
Stockholm, Sweden Nordic Web Team 
Meet Magento Brazil
Sep 18 Sao Paulo, Brazil Webjump 
Meet Magento Croatia Sep 28-29 Osijek, Croatia Inchoo 
Magento B2B Experience 
Sep 24  Chicago, IL, USA B2B NextMagento
Name Date Place Organizer
MagentoLive Europe 
Oct 9-10
Barcelona, Spain
Meet Magento Romania 
Oct 15-16 Cluj-Napoca, Romania MindMagnet  
Meet Magento Greece 
Oct 19 Athens, Greece Converge S.A.  
Meet Magento Mexico 
Oct 25 Mexico City, Mexico Pengo   
Name Date Place Organizer
Meet Magento New York 
Nov 1-2
New York City, NY 
Meet Magento Asia 
Nov 8
Bangkok, Thailand
Smart OSC   
Meet Magento China 
Nov 12
Shenzhen, China 
Meet Magento Japan 
Nov 14
Tokyo, Japan  Veriteworks Inc.  
B2B Roadshow: E-Commerce - Next Level (Frankfurt) 
Nov 20 Frankfurt am Main, Germany  

Hope that you will find this list useful. It is our hope that you will attend at least some of the above-mentioned events. But, if there’s no opportunity for you to attend any thereof, you can check organizers websites (they tend to publish key takeaways and findings after the event takes place) from time to time and you might get valuable information at no cost.

Would you add an event to this list? Share your thoughts and ideas below!