Magento Extensions Made by MagPleasure


MageCloud partnered with MagPleasure to deliver their Magento extensions to all of our users with the help of our exclusive installation process. Install any Magento module by MagPleasure in 1-click from your MageCloud panel and get access to free Magento themes for your business.

MagPleasure provides full support for their extension. If you have any questions about extensions below - feel free to contact MagPleasure and their support team.

Please post reviews and comments about MagPleasure, its extension and support so we can deliver only the best Magento applications for our users.

Find more Magento extensions in our marketplace and get new functionality, components and even business ideas for your Magento store.

MagPleasure is now owned by Amasty, one of the leading and experienced magento providers. Amasty takes responsibility for all updates and support of extensions developed by MagPleasure, we have 110+ Magento extensions in our store. You may be sure that we provide high level support service and first-class user experience. We also customize Magento and implement projects of any complexity. Our customers are our best friends and we do as much as we can to make your business more profitable and your customers' experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

File System

The File System is a FREE professional tool for editing Magento files straight from the ...

Rich Snippets

Display rich snippets in Google search results to expand product description and increase ...

Guest Book

Guest Book is a powerful and simultaneously simple way to build relationships with your website ...

Pinterest Integration

This Magento extension allows you to integrate Pinterest "Pin It" button into your store.

Vkontakte Comments

Vkontakte Comments allows you to integrate comments into your store.