Magento Extensions Made by aheadWorks


MageCloud partnered with aheadWorks to deliver their Magento extensions to all of our users with the help of our exclusive installation process. Install any Magento module by aheadWorks in 1-click from your MageCloud panel and get access to free Magento themes for your business.

aheadWorks provides full support for their extension. If you have any questions about extensions below - feel free to contact aheadWorks and their support team.

Please post reviews and comments about aheadWorks, its extension and support so we can deliver only the best Magento applications for our users.

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aheadWorks is a go-to provider of Magento products offering a full range of solutions for eCommerce projects. We were among the first developers to work with Magento platform, which led us to becoming an integral part of its community, building lasting relationships with key Magento stakeholders We offer 120+ solutions for each aspect of running an online store, covering such areas as marketing, user experience, store administration, and integration with external services. We are proud to be a choice supplier of Magento extensions to over a 100 partners, including major agencies such as Blue Acorn, Groove, Gorilla, Ewave, Classy Llama, Smile. We are officially recognized as Magento Silver Technology Partner and Magento Official Enterprise Developer, but above all credentials we value the trust that our customers put into our products: up to date aheadWorks products have been installed as many as 250 000 times by over 50 000 merchants from all around the world.

Blog - Community Edition by aheadWorks

Full featured blog extension for Magento Community Edition

AJAX Cart Pro by aheadWorks

The AJAX Cart Pro solution is developed for effortless adding and removing products from the ...

Z-Blocks by aheadWorks

It’s time to control static blocks in your store with the Z-Blocks extension… now with graphic ...

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments by aheadWorks

Accept recurring payments and sell subscription products more easily and efficiently.

Help Desk Ultimate by aheadWorks

Help desk solution for ticket management with elaborate statistics, case tracking & resolution ...

Refer a Friend by aheadWorks

Leverage the power of referrals to boost your business with the Refer a Friend Magento module!

OnPulse - Mobile administration for Magento by aheadWorks

Sales statistics, the latest orders, and the clients list through iOS or Android powered mobile ...

Connector for aheadMetrics by aheadWorks

aheadMetrics is a service developed by aheadWorks aimed at giving you real-time analytics of a ...