Magento extension Age Verification / Age Gate Pop-Up by Vsourz Digital

MageCloud partnered with Vsourz Digital to offer Age Verification / Age Gate Pop-Up in your MageCloud panel for our simple 1-click installation option. To install this extension - create your account with MageCloud and launch a new Magento store. It takes only 3 minutes.

Vsourz Digital always provides support for customers who have installed Age Verification / Age Gate Pop-Up Magento module. Feel free to leave a review for the company and the extension so we can offer you better products and services in the future.

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Age Verification allows you to get user consent of above age before allowing them to access your website.

Compatible with Magento 1.x

Age Verification / Age Gate Pop-Up

Age Verification / Age Gate Pop-Up Magento extension equips websites to carry out adult verification check on users. The extension locks the web-store with a Pop-Up screen asking User to verify their age before allowing them to browse the website. Underage users are unable to browse the website, while Users who have given consent of appropriate age could browse the website until the expiration of preset Cookie defined by Website Administrator. The extension also provides flexibility for Website Administrator to select pages where Pop-Up is required. The content of the Agree and Disagree Pop-Up buttons are manageable through the Magento Back-end.

Simple 5 minutes setup, and your Age Verification pop-up is ready to filter.

Follow below steps to have this extension setup on your store:

  1. Install the extension from Magento Connect
  2. Edit static block content of "vsourz-age-gate" and "vsourz-age-gate-disagree" as per the requirement
  3. Define system setting variables from System >> Configuration >> Age Gate Pop-Up

You can learn more about the Extension configuration from How to Use? section below

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  1. Full control over Age Verification Pop-Up Content through Magento Back-end
  2. Ability to setup time interval for verification Pop-Up
  3. Ability to select the pages where Pop-Up needs to be displayed