Magento Extensions Made by Vsourz Digital


MageCloud partnered with Vsourz Digital to deliver their Magento extensions to all of our users with the help of our exclusive installation process. Install any Magento module by Vsourz Digital in 1-click from your MageCloud panel and get access to free Magento themes for your business.

Vsourz Digital provides full support for their extension. If you have any questions about extensions below - feel free to contact Vsourz Digital and their support team.

Please post reviews and comments about Vsourz Digital, its extension and support so we can deliver only the best Magento applications for our users.

Find more Magento extensions in our marketplace and get new functionality, components and even business ideas for your Magento store.

Vsourz Digital specializes in delivering comprehensive technology and design solutions to its wide spectrum of clients. With our proactive approach, unflinching commitment, extensive experience and creative mindset, we achieve extraordinary results for our clients, add value to their business and always excel their expectations. We are dedicated towards building simple, effective, affordable and manageable websites. We strongly believe in supporting your business. We’ve brought together years of experience in web design and development, our understanding of customer behaviour & culture and leveraged on our highly efficient processes and in house frameworks to provide a cost effective solution to meet your requirements. We have worked with startups, small businesses, large organisations, big internet brands, ecommerce businesses, charitable trusts, real estate agencies, portals, membership organisations.

Masonry Responsive Image Gallery

Category-wise, responsive image gallery using masonry.js Back-end configured, manage unlimited ...

Jssor Layered Slider

Fully responsive Jssor Slider built on jassor.js. 40+ Effects. Seamless banner management from ...

Hot Deals

Hot Deals help you increase your SALES. It encourages and compels people to buy from you.

Advanced Order Success Page

Make your boring Thank You Page lively and engaging with more order info, promo, subscribe, custom ...

Exit Screen Pop-up

Last moment bait/offers to entice your customer to stay on your website when they plan to ...

Categorized Product Slider

Categorized Product Slider extension allows display of sliding products selected from desired ...

Responsive Owl Slider

Full responsive Owl Carousel 2 banner slider. 40+ Effects, Category-wise banner management

Age Verification / Age Gate Pop-Up

Age Verification allows you to get user consent of above age before allowing them to access your ...