We're very happy to see new companies joining our Partners program because we know that this makes the pool of great services that we offer even better and more versatile.

Meet Linnworks - our latest partner and powerful cloud-based order and inventory management system. We believe that your business could grow and reach new heights with the help of Linnworks.  So how exactly can your growing business benefit from using their services? 

Linnworks is equipped to support the continued growth of retail businesses, while still enabling them to maintain full control of their operations.

It automates the entire multi-channel sales process in one place and saves you time and money. Above all, it handles everything from order management, stock control, shipping, listing, repricing, and much more.

Linnworks Software

  • Multichannel Capability
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Control
  • Shipping Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Order Management
  • Channel Listing

Take control of your eCommerce business by automating every part of your online selling process with Linnworks.

Happy to announce that MageCloud has become certified partner of Linnworks. 


And, we hope you're doing good despite what we are facing today. Stay safe!