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9 Mistakes Turning Customers Off Your E-commerce Site

The eCommerce has been expanding exponentially over recent years. But nowadays, experienced online buyers are looking n
ot only for products but for a well-organized shopping experience. And even one small error therein can turn out to shopping cart abandonment.

That's why, while optimizing an eCommerce website, it’s important to avoid the mistakes, mentioned below to improve conversions, maximize your revenue and provide worthwhile shopping experience.

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UX Design In a Nutshell. Why Do You Need It For Your Magento Shop?

Guest post by NEKLO 

You won’t find difficult terms and buzzwords in this article - you will find how to make your online shop more attractive for visitors. Shop owners make an enormous amount of mistakes of any kind. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes they are not. Here you will discover the list of things to pay attention to and learn how to turn design mistakes into customer magnets.

What is a UX design at all and what constituents of UX you should consider to increase your sales? 

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Previously, we presented to our readers Magento in facts and figures, trying to find out why Magento is to be chosen.

At any rate, for whatever reasons, it is fact that  top world brands have chosen Magento for a reason. With more than 150,000 developers and over 250,000 live merchants, Magento platform is likely to be the most popular commerce platform in the world.

In this post we take a look at some of the big-name retails, from both B2C and B2B sectors, who have picked Magento as their E-commerce platform. Some of the stores have been built in-house, but the majority of them have been built by agencies in the UK or US.

Let's have a look at examples of well designed Magento stores. Believe, these brands need no introduction. 

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MageCloud Partners With Land Of Coder

A trustworthy partner is sometimes everything a business needs in order to succeed. Some businesses spend years finding the right partners and establishing the kind of relationship that is really beneficial to all parties.

That’s why we wanted to tell you more about Land Of Coder, which we recently partnered with. Maybe your business could grow and reach new heights with the help of this company.  So how exactly can your growing business benefit from using their services? 

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5 Strategies to Make People Call Your Store Santa Claus

As Christmas inches closer, the case of visualizing a hefty, rotund, and philanthropic snowman in our well-wishers magnifies. We somehow try to discover the Santa-figure in those who at minimal best try to make us happy. If you happen to own an e-commerce store, here is a monumental chance for you to act as a man draped in red Santa Suit, distributing crescents on the faces of kids and in generality, everyone. The particular portrayal would not only add details to your brand and business values but would also give a prolific bar to your sale chart this year.

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CHECKLIST for eCommerce Website #2: Robots.txt (Video Tutorial)

Not long ago we have launched a new category on our blog — CHECKLIST of the most common mistakes that you should take into consideration when launching / while running your online store.

Our CHECKLIST #1 related to HTTPS issues you can find here. 

CHECKLIST #2 is devoted to Robots.txt problem points. In our previous post — Robots.txt Guide, we explain how essential is to understand the importance of robots.txt file and learn how to check whether you’re using it correctly.

Now, we are pleased to share our new step-by-step video tutorial series on the topic. 

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How to start prioritizing security

Guest post by Detectify 

5 tips that will get you up to speed

Magento is used to power more than 250,000 web stores worldwide, handling over $100 billion annually. It is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there, which also makes it a lucrative target for hackers.

That does not mean that Magento is less secure than their competitors. In fact, they are known to be pretty good at security. Despite this, it is certainly time for web store owners to start caring about security.

Due to the increased attention to security in media, trust has become even more crucial than before. Your customers need to feel confident that you will protect their data if they share their payment details with you.

However, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Security does not need to be that hard! Here come five tips to help you get started.

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CHECKLIST for eCommerce Website #1: HTTPS over SSL

Our MageCloud team has been working with eCommerce clients for up to 10 years and every time we face the similar issues in the area. So, we decided to add a new category to our blog – CHECKLIST for eCommerce Website of the most common mistakes that you should take into consideration when launching/while running your online business.

Let's start with a number one pain point – URL in the address bar and its behind-the-scenes issues such as HTTPS over SSL and 301 redirects.

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