This post is designed to draw your attention to one of the fall's biggest Magento events that will be taking place in Australia. The event starts tomorrow and will end on the 19th of November. Find out about the lineup for the event, presentations that will be offered and how/ why you should be following it.


The event will be taking place in Hilton Sydney, right at the heart of Sydney CBD. It has all of the necessary facilities and accommodations to host such a great event.


This event will be headlines by some of the most important people in the Magento ecosystem and very influential eCommerce executives and professionals:

Mark Lavelle

The newly appointed CEO of Magento has a lot to tell about the future of the platform and its development. He's one of the co-founders of Bill Me Later, which was acquired by PayPal. Mark spent last 20 years building successful eCommerce projects, so you want to hear what he has to say.

Paul Boisvert

He's the Vice President of Product Management at Magento and has extensive experience in eCommerce, including working at Yahoo! Small Business with millions of business owners, as their clients. You can expect some practical insights on eCommerce and Magento from him.

Alan Kent

Alan is the Chief Architect at Magento. He currently works on Magento 2 and its integration with some of the most popular eCommerce tools and platforms. His speech should be interesting for the techies, who want to learn more about Magento 2 and some of the challenges that it faces.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 30 speakers that are going to be presenting at this event. All of these presentations will be filled with useful and actionable information for Magento enthusiasts and eCommerce professionals. You can check out the whole lineup here.

Interesting Sessions

Post Launch Success: 

Building the Right Team and Processes

By Karthik Chidambaram, Founder & CEO, DCKAP 

This session should be very informative for people, who are starting their online business and/or looking for more ways to optimize their business model and the operational processes.

Magento 2.0: 

Merchant & System Integrators Perspectives 

By Alisson Oldoni, Head of Development, Netstarter

This session is going to be very useful for people, who are just testing the waters with Magento 2.0. It will include info about the necessary tools for transition to the newest Magento version. Additionally it will include some tips on Magento 2.0 project management.

Exploring the Asian Frontier: 

Maximizing the Return on Your Investment 

By Timothy Lee, VP of Global Strategy & Head of China, SingPost Commerce

Asian and Pacific markets are vastly underrated by some of the online businesses. These offer an untapped source of revenue for companies that are willing to commit themselves. The session will focus on strategies that can help you win over these markets. 

These are just a couple of sessions that should draw your attention to the event. There are plenty of other workshops, like Magento 2.0 Store Management, Insight-Driven Design: How User Research Can Transform Your Online Store, etc. You can learn about the whole schedule for 2 days here

How to Follow

Here's what you can do to follow the event, if you're not attending:

MageCloud Marketplace Monitor #MLAU15 and #Magento2 hashtags on Twitter for the latest updates from the attendees.

MageCloud Marketplace Follow some of the top Magento influences - they'll be attending and talking about the event.

Are you attending? Let us know what you are most excited to learn about during this event!