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The Ultimate List of Magento Events

Magento platform has one of the best communities in eCommerce and that’s why its calendar is full of conferences and meetups for Magento enthusiasts and specialists to attend. 

To keep pace with the hottest trends, you need to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. And nothing can help you do this better than offline conferences and events, where you can get new ideas, share your own experience, meet like-minded people and establish beneficial contacts.

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Wrap Up Your Calendar: List of Magento Events Left in 2016

Autumn is going to be absolutely amazing for the Magento community. There are so many great events that you can attend, but there's another thing that makes this season even better. Now you can experience all of the gloriousness of a Magento event without actually visiting it. With all of the speakers, juicy sessions and insights. Magento is introducing Meet Magento World - the first official online conference for the Magento community.

In this post we'll talk about this conference and some of the other important events that you can't miss this autumn. The schedule is absolutely packed, so start planning now, if you want to attend a couple of these gatherings. Hopefully our details about the events will help you choose the most exciting ones.

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