Guest post by FME Extensions

Automating your eCommerce business, so that you can scale and grow your business is something every merchant should be aiming for. 

Here is the thing. If you are first getting started and set up an online shop on Amazon, Shopify, or Magento, you are probably wearing all the hats and you are doing everything yourself. This is totally fine and works for now. So you might have a couple of orders per day, you receive a notification on your phone; you deliver and manage the inventory. All this is fine except it’s not sustainable when you start to grow. 

When your catalog expands to thousands and so do your orders, it becomes practically impossible to manage everything manually. When products, categories, and subcategories grow as a result of increased orders, you need tools and methods that help you automate the process and manage the store easily. 

Here, we take a look at a few such tools that simplify Magento 2 store management significantly. 

MageCloud Marketplace Magento 2 Duplicate Category

Suppose you have hundreds of product categories in your Magento 2 store and you want to copy each category to make some changes. Even if you want to copy one category along with its content, subcategories, products, and rules; doing this manually will take a lot of your time.  Not only time, the accuracy of the process is also not guaranteed. You might make mistakes in the content of the copied version. 

Now imagine how good it would be if you can automate this. That is, to duplicate a parent category with all or some subcategories while maintaining the product relations in a few clicks. This is exactly what this Magento 2 duplicate category extension does. With this, you don’t need to create similar categories again and again and add products to each one. It makes accurate categories management a matter of seconds. 

MageCloud Marketplace Magento 2 Edit Order

Customers may make mistakes while adding items to cart or checking out. They may mistakenly add a wrong item to cart or more items that they wanted. They can also misspell the shipping or billing address. Now, what is the best way to rectify such mistakes after they have checked out? Is it a good practice to make customers revoke and re-order? Definitely not, as it is highly likely that they don’t re-order. Besides, it’s not a user friendly approach. 

The ideal way to do this is to empower admin to make the required order changes on behalf of the customers. The default Magento does not allow this and this is where the Magento 2 edit order tool comes in handy.  It enables merchants to edit any detail of the order be it the shipping/billing address, method, ordered items, their quantities, or the order status, etc. This feature greatly simplifies order management and reduces order cancellations while ensuring the accuracy of their data. 

MageCloud Marketplace Magento 2 Bulk Order Processing

Automating processes becomes essential when your business starts to grow. If you get a few orders per day, you can afford to process it manually and individually. However, if you receive hundreds and thousands of them, it is not feasible anymore. If you still do, you will end up finding no time for other important tasks. 

Magento 2 bulk order processing is a great tool to automate order processing. As the name describes, it allows merchants to process orders in bulk directly from the orders grid. Whether it is creating invoices and shipments, tracking order numbers, completing the orders, or changing their status, they can do it all from one page and in a few clicks. Adding this tool to a Magento 2 store not only makes the store manager’s life easier but also ensures speedy order delivery which in turn improves customer’s experience. 

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing worse for an eCommerce seller than losing or screwing up an order. One bad experience can turn a customer off from your brand forever – and they’ll be sure to let others know too. Manual processes are more prone to errors and delays. They often lead to incorrect data, slow order processing, and poor customer experience. Therefore, as your business expands, it is high time you rid yourself of manual data entry and use tools that help you to automate every aspect of the business. You can do it with the assistance of top Magento Developers