What’s going on with the Magento 1.x End of Life, and how should online businesses manage the change? Well, let's get this sorted out together!

In June 2020, the Magento 1.x eCommerce platform will reach its End of Life (EOL).

There are three obvious solutions for handling the EOL of Magento 1.x : 

  • Upgrade to Magento 2
  • Move away from Magento
  • Stay with Magento 1

Against a backdrop of COVID-19many businesses are expecting sales and revenue to fall. 

And if you are still on Magento 1 and only planning to migrate to Magento 2 in the near future, probably it’s not the right time yet. You can postpone this migration for a while with the help of Nexcess hosting.

Stay on Magento 1 without security risks. 

- Do all Magento 1 sites need to be upgraded? 
- No. Your store cannot be shut down as long as you still have your hosting account. 

Usually, experts don’t recommend this option and name some disadvantages for your store, and the major one is security: there will be no further software security patches or quality fixes.

BUT... Web hosting experts in Nexcess have launched an interesting hosting product called Magento 1 Safe Harbour. The product provides malware detection and threat monitoring for your store after Magento 1 reaches End of Life in June 2020. 

To find out more about Nexcess Safe Harbor and what it offers, please join our exclusive webinar with Nexcess on March 19, 2020.

Webinar details:

  • Topic:  Magento 1 Migration: How to Save Your Budget and Stay Secure
  • When:  March 19, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

  • Where:  Please,  register here in advance or follow this link just before the webinar

Moreover, during the webinar, we will share some discounts (10-25%) from our partners (Amasty, Aheadworks, Mageplaza, so on).

Join us! We would love to have you participate! And stay SAFE, both you and your business! 🙏