Working in the sea of never-ending changes isn’t easy. Talking about the current digital landscape, it is changing by leaps and bounds. Those who have experienced the field exactly know that there is only a specific number of methods that actually work. 

eCommerce trends continue to change like a breeze once in a while for Magento development. More and more website owners are seen moving towards the open source technology that provides the merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. The platform offers user-friendly and advanced features to make things familiar and intuitive for the end users. Using the platform that matches most of the business needs is very important, cause it provides:

  • 1. Flexibility to offer feature-rich consumer experiences

  • 2. Personalization and segmentation based on the consumer demographics

  • 3. Simplicity to make the platform easy to use

  • 4. SEO friendliness gives full control over URL’s and also URL rewrites. It can also improve the search engine rank

  • 5. Mobile friendliness featuring responsive design and experience

  • 6. Internationalization provides multiple language support and automatic daily exchange rate updates  

Now before you start your online store, a few things that must be taken into account:

  • Check the target audience, and market. First and foremost step is to hire an experienced Magento developer and research the target audience as well as the entire market. Meanwhile, consider the buying habits and preferences of your relevant audiences. One can know the consumption behaviors of customers simply by initiating the targeted market of eCommerce stores.

  • Research about competitors. Finding keywords is another important aspect to take into account. In order to make a place in the market with the best strategies such as availing discounts, coupons, and offers for attracting online customers. After all, moving ahead of your competition is not easy unless and until you don't offer the best price for products. And don’t forget to include secured and online payment, fast shopping and custom searches, and several other best in class latest features for online store products.  

  • Opt for best domain & eCommerce software. Choosing the right Magento development company featuring a team of best professionals is very important to develop an eCommerce store.  Numerous eCommerce store platforms come with both paid and free versions. Magento offers two versions in its platform segments, i.e., Magento community edition and Magento enterprise versions.

  • SEO strategy. Another crucial aspect is SEO. Your eCommerce website has to be SEO friendly to get better and higher ranking in the search results. You can also opt for paid adv. to boost the business which can initiate you in creating more online store visibility and traffic.

  • Set up shipping options. Have you wondered why the eCommerce market is gaining such momentum or why it is considered as a hit?  It's because of its delivery and shipping strategies. Your eCommerce store can only succeed if it provides various options and independence for numerous activities such as selecting the purchases or delivering products as per the need and requirement of the customers. For that matter,  you can always go ahead with partnering with various national and multinational shipping which also offer local delivery options for required locations.

How to Attract Visitors Online?

Well, mastering these below-mentioned pointers will ultimately build you nothing but the best over the internet.

  • Blogging. By far, blogging is one of the most key traffic drivers. Although, there is no road map or strategy in place, but when it comes to blogging it has to be done appropriately. Being one of the most elemental and successful vehicles to deploy in the quest as an inbound marketing superstar, blogging is all about speaking to the needs and wants of your customers. All you need to make sure that the content is original, creative, educational, entertaining and informative. Come up with something impressive; visitors will click immediately to the links and look at your products carefully.

  • Content Marketing. Another interesting way to grab the attention of end users is through content marketing.  If you aren’t much into this activity, then you are literally throwing away your traffic for free. Turning visitors into regular customers isn’t easy, but it is doable. Try to come up with great content that often engages more people, but the question is how? Think of any aspect that might help you in meeting the marketing goal for your organization. Whether you are talking about getting acquainted with your potential customers or retention, creating more brand awareness or anything else. 

Apart from this, you can also think of:  

  • Free offers

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Video marketing

In a nutshell

No matter which way you choose, it’s always about gaining new levels or leads and ultimately converting those leads into loyal customers with the right sales funnels in place.

Author Bio: Lisa Dawson is a Technical Developer at eTatvaSoft – a web & Magento Development Company. She has a vast experience in writing about new products, latest updates on Magento. She has experience of around 6 years as a Magento Developer. Her write-ups mainly features anything and everything related to the web!