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The Ultimate List of M2 Blog Extensions

Having recognized how essential a blog is for any online businessit is a small surprise that online retailers are hunting after the experienced third-party development teams to assist them with blog modules integration into their eCommerce platforms. 

If you're running Magento store, full-featured Magento blog extensions can vastly facilitate your web store efficiency since you can always tailor your blog content on the go, in line with modern eCommerce trends and latest customer needs.

Here is the ultimate list of the most efficient digital solutions to bolster your blog functionality.

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Magento Extensions That Every Business Must Possess

One of the top-selling eCommerce platforms, Magento is the first choice amongst eCommerce merchants. All giant names in the industry like Nike, MotherCare and Bazaar are on Magento. Magento comes with top of the line functionality that can also be improved further with the help of some powerful Magento extensions. With a whole gamut of extensions, Magento helps in customizing your website in line with the particular business requirements.

Magento constitutes a collection of extensions that help in adding extra functionality that you might be looking for on an eCommerce website. Whether it is about tracking sales or looking to make checkout simple and straightforward, Magento offers extensions that can better help manage your online business. Let’s take a look:

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Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extensions List

Implementing one step checkout module is an effective technical way to reduce shopping cart abandonment. The original Magento checkout process takes site users through a huge number of steps. 

Although the new platform version has the default Magento 2 checkout procedure revamped, there is room to improve so far. For this reason, there is a variety of new generation one-step checkout modules to simplify it.  As they reduce customer abandonment and as a result increase conversion, merchants pay more and more thereto. 
Being designed with both backend administrators and store visitors in mind, one step checkout modules provide complete checkout customization on Magento 2 web stores. Below, you can hit the high spots of best Magento 2 one page checkout extensions.

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TAKE HEED! Hot MageCloud Product Update: Free Magento Extensions With No Limits Download

If you affiliate yourself with Magento world, you, for sure, have heard that Magento Connect has been replaced by Magento Marketplace, which was introduced almost 2 years ago and has recently (Sep 2017) become the official Magento-sanctioned repository of extensions.

Magento Connect was a directory for Magento extensions. Many of them were free.

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Top 6 Magento Form Builders

Forms are essential for lead generation. In fact, they're essential for most of the customer acquisition efforts. It's pretty obvious and doesn't require that much explaining. You have newsletters, you have mailing lists for specific offers, etc. And for most of these people signed up through a form, in one way or another. 

And that's why it's unfortunate that Magento, by default, doesn't have that much functionality when it comes to creating custom forms for your users. Be that a pop up form on your blog or a sign up form in a sidebar - there isn't much you can do to make it work. That's even more true, if you're not a tech person. 

Fortunately, there are tons of great Magento extensions that can help you create amazing forms for your promotions, deals and other lead generation efforts. We wanted to highlight and review some of the most popular Magento form builders that can work for any type of Magento store and eCommerce niche. 

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Top 6 Magento FAQ Modules

Frequently Asked Questions, or more commonly known as FAQs, are an important part of your website's navigation and customer care experiences. FAQs provide valuable tips about anything, related to your company and/or your products. FAQ sections take the load off your customer support, increase sales and even boost your SEO. They are particularly useful for small businesses.

Having all of this mind, we decided to collect some of the best Magento FAQ modules that meet some of the most important requirements: usability, ease of use, quality, reliability and value. If you think that your site's FAQ section needs a makeover - this collection is a great place to find the perfect solution for your store. 

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How to Get Less Sales for Your Extensions

Yes, you read the title right. Now let us explain. If you follow our blog, you probably know that we review Magento extensions all the time. It's part of our marketplace and the product that we offer. That's why we go through a lot of extensions. Some are just reviewed, others used and implemented in stores, running through MageCloud.

This inevitably means that we look through a lot of websites/companies that offer Magento extensions: some are examined through Magento Connect; others - through the developers' websites, where you can also purchase the particular extension. So we have a large pool of websites/companies to compare from a customer's point of view.

And to be honest, a lot of times, it seems like the developers are not interested in selling the extension. We're not even talking about any competitive functionality. The way the extensions are presented to potential customers makes them less appealing. This could also be extended to any other Magento-related products, like themes. And that's why it seems that the devs are intentionally trying to hinder their sales with their sloppy attitude to product display and information. It's like they're trying to get less sales for their products.

So in this post, we'll review some of the common things that you can do to make your extensions LESS appealing. Of course, these are the things that you should NOT do, if you want to increase your sales. This post should help developers provide detailed/informative and appealing product info, which will convert more visitors into buyers.

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3 New and Amazing Magento Themes You Should Check Out

This week we've seen some great Magento themes pop up and we wanted to share them with you. We take this stuff very serious and that's why we only share products that we find really interesting, unique and usable. The themes that we showcase today have a friendly interface, lots of functionality and follow the latest design trends.

A new theme might give a great boost for your online business, as it offers more functionality, including mobile friendly user interface and more convenient customization options. With the current selection of online themes you don't have to spend a fortune on re-designing your website. 

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5 Most Popular Magento Connect Extensions

most popular Magento extension

This week we're not going to wrap things up with the usual update about new Magento extensions. Instead, we wanted to share a list of the most popular Magento extension downloads from Magento Connect within the last 6 months.

For this list we used publicly available info from the marketplace: popularity score, Highest Rated page and the publication dates for various extensions. Check it out and let us know, if you're using any of these products. We hope that some of you will also be able to find new and useful tools that can optimize your online business even further.

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Magento Connect Weekly: Better Content Management, Admin Security and Store Visibility

Magento Connect weekly

This week Magento Connect introduced some great extensions that will allow you to diversify your content management practices, increase the security of your backend and boost your offline sales with a store locating extension.

And our usual disclaimer: these are new extensions, added to Magento Connect just this week. Some of their functions may not work properly. You can always turn to the developers for more custom and direct assistance. All of the contact details are available in the marketplace.

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