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Amazon VS Magento: Which Is Right for You? Or Both?

In 2021, sellers have tons of options when it comes to starting an eCommerce business or expanding your existing retail operation. But, with a plethora of online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms available, it can be a daunting task to figure out what will work best for your particular needs and settle on which solutions you should choose. Money, time, technical expertise, control, competition and branding are all major considerations that should be factored into which platforms or marketplaces you choose to sell on.  

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Cybersecurity in 2020: 7 Challenges for eCommerce Businesses

Online shopping is growing fast, but cybercrime is keeping up with it. eCommerce security is an urgent issue facing many online businesses. Every hour, hackers become more and more subtle in their fraud schemes and find new ways to disrupt eCommerce companies. However, online businesses with weak information security can be an easy target for any cybercriminal. If your goal is to improve your online security, keep reading to find out seven cybersecurity challenges facing every eCommerce business across the world.

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The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Understand Customer Journey

If you want to improve your business's customer experience, it is essential to understand the journey your customers go through when they engage with your brand, product, and service. They can browse on the phones, buy a subscription plan, or visit your local store. There are so many journeys your customers can go through to the purchase decision, and they are rarely a straight line.

Today's consumers interact with companies in ways that are hard to identify. From gaining brand awareness through social media to getting a reference from a friend after his/her successful deals. There are usually many steps, but if you can understand them thoroughly, you will be able to take action on pain points in the journey and keep the customers satisfied.

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Growing Your Online Business Through Content Marketing

You can easily launch a small online business. And you may be offering products or services that you know consumers will need and want. But nothing really happens until those sales start coming in.

How much thought have you given to marketing your business? Chances are, if you are a small business owner, you are not a marketer. And you may not have the budget to employ one.

So, here are some tips for “down and dirty” cheap marketing strategies that will get you off the ground. They will require some work on your part, and perhaps some inexpensive outside help, but you can do this.

Here we go.

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M-Commerce in Facts And Figures [Infographic]

As we previously highlighted in our posts — nowadays the PHONE is where the Heart is, cause cell phone has
become something we can’t survive without. 

Mobile use is growing every day and more people buy goods and services using their mobile devices. Consumers today are moving to mobile all around the globe. 

Mobile Commerce is growing by leaps and bounds... That's why we try to highlight the importance of mobile marketing strategies, not just for Magento stores, but for any kind of eCommerce business. 

To achieve better brand positioning, drive targeted clients and to optimize success, you should know mobile commerce trends and insights.

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Mobile Marketing Strategies To Drive Business Growth

HOME is where the heart is, but today, the PHONE is where the Heart is! This means cell phone has become something we can’t survive without. People interact with their phones in a very different way than they do with their PC’s. Mobile has not just revolutionized people’s lives but also the business. Consumers today are moving to mobile all around the globe. With the increasing number of people using mobile to connect with your business, it prepares you to market your products efficiently to mobile consumers on the devices they use.

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5 Rules for Building a Successful Online Store on a Tight Budget

Many people feel that they can’t open an online store because it seems like a costly endeavor. But the truth is very different. We live in the internet age. Freemium business model is the go-to-market strategy for many businesses. There are many tools and guides online that can help you build a good online store with very limited investment, both in time and money. If you're on a tight budget, but really want your own eCommerce store - the following tips are for you. 

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Must-Read 2016 eCommerce Landscape Predictions

Last year we came up with a short list of predictions about the state of eCommerce. Most of them came true, as mobile eCommerce played even a bigger role last year, Magento 2 built up a great hype around itself and is starting to gain momentum. This year promises to be even more exciting, as Magento 2 brings in more clients and eCommerce takes advantage of all of the latest tech. 

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Uber-izing Your Online Store: Lessons to Take from The Cab Service

We're all familiar with the online cab service - Uber. Even if you live in a country that doesn't yet have it, as a business owner, you must have heard about its success and some of the turmoils that it constantly has to go through in order to stay operational. 

One thing is certain - it is a successful business because it applies some of the best practices and most importantly, it offers a convenient alternative to the traditional cab services. Your eCommerce business can utilize the same principles in order to gain a competitive edge and boost your sales. Let's take a closer look at some of these to find out how exactly your online store can excel in its niche. 

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