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Do You Believe That Social Media Indirectly Affects Your SEO Results?

As you know the trend of social media is increasing day by day. Have you ever thought that your social media likes, shares and comments affect the Google search ranking? 

The answer to the above question is social media which affects the base of relevance and value for the target audience. Social media and search engine work together to give a better result to users. Nowadays social media becomes a basic part of online life. Social media plays a role in making the decision in people's life nowadays. 

In this article, We will discuss how social media effects on SEO and how you optimize social channels for SEO benefits. 

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15+ Amazing eCommerce Tools and Technologies to Explore

There are tons of great eCommerce technologies that people often dismiss. Maybe they’re simply used to the products and ideas that already work. Sometimes they’re simply unaware that a particular technology exists or is even available. There are tons of great software products out there that can greatly improve the performance of your store and its conversion rates, as well as its lead generation potential. 

Some of these are on the rise, others are already well established. We’ve gathered a list of products, which store owners and eCommerce professionals can adopt for their business. These products represent the up and coming eCommerce tech trends that your business needs to test drive. This list also points to some of the under-appreciated technologies and tools. It’s worth trying them out to learn whether they really work for your particular business in 2016. 

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