You’ve probably been hearing this for a while. 

Marketing Automation is the solution to every small or bigger business that is struggling with the infinite marketing workflow.

Over the last decade, marketing technology has evolved in accordance with the needs of the marketers. And two of the main pain points each marketer is facing are lack of time and multitasking.

Marketing Automation aims to simplify the overcomplicated processes, release some pressure from their already packed calendar and build a cost-effective marketing strategy. To further understand this let's take a quick look at the benefits of Marketing Automation for your eCommerce business! 

Increasing ROI

This is a big part of the Automation existence.  

ROI stands for Return on Investment and it’s a very basic metric to take into account when you are monitoring your marketing strategy.

In simple words, ROI can inform you about how much profit you make for every dollar you spend.
Apparently the higher the ROI the more efficient your campaign is.

Marketing Automation can increase the performance of a Marketing Strategy by taking care of simple but repetitive tasks like email scheduling, list segmentation and lead management.

This way a marketing team can save time which equals money and increase its ROI ratio.

Another way that Marketing Automation can drive a high ROI is by optimizing and increasing Conversion Rates.

Marketing and Sales teams can use this powerful technology to identify which leads are hot or cold. A good example could be a person that visited your page several times, and has checked your pricing plans, and/or has subscribed to your email list.

With marketing automation software like Moosend, you can easily track customer actions and adapt your strategies according to it.

This person should be considered as a lead with a high probability of conversion thus should be handled in a different way to follow the right buyer journey.

Cart abandonment optimization is also a popular way to increase conversion rates by retargeting the prospect customer.

Someone who completed every step in a buying process except the last one is most probably interested in your product or service but something holds him back. This could be a confusing UX, your products price or even a slow connection on his side.

By identifying the problem you can retarget this user with an interesting offer and drive him to the end of the funnel.

Increasing Average Order Value

Just like with the cart abandonment case you can use Automation to increase your average order value.

Depending on the behavior of your customers and the pages that they have already viewed you are able to push recommendations to them or even create attractive offers.

Raising your prices is another simple way to increase your average order value. To make that happen you will need to make some tests with your potential customers to find out if this is a viable option and how much you can push it.

A/B email split test is a very famous one and it will show you which is the most effective way to create your email. This way you will be able to create the best possible open rates as well as the best click-through rates.

From there you will not only find how you should shape your pricing but it can also help you to increase your conversion rates.

At the end of the day, you can just go back to your old pricing plans if the new ones do not work.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Acquiring new customers is not enough to build a successful eCommerce business. You need customers that love your products and return to your online store. This can be achieved with the clever use of Automation.

You can use an automated email sequence to stay close with your customers and create strong relationships with them.

This does not have to be broad either. Through segmentation, you can design a personalized email for every group of your buying audience.

Your customers are humans just like you and want to be treated like so.

Reminder Emails is one more tactic that is broadly used to increase customer retention by successful eCommerce businessesA customer may not return to your store  to make a new purchase for whatever reason and it’s impossible to find out unless you ask for some feedback.

However, it is safe to say that some of them may have forgotten your existence. You can use an automated reminder email to ask them to re-visit your website and check your new product arrivals or offers.

Customer Service

Great Customer Services is what separates a mediocre business from an excellent one.

With Customer Support Automation you can enjoy a number of benefits including increased sales.

Often times your customers have questions regarding your products or services that someone has to answer.

An unanswered question is enough reason for someone to skip your deal even it is a great one. With an automated marketing service, you can deliver the right content to your potential customers and provide them with an unforgettable experience.

Additionally, you can use Marketing Automation to resolve issues that your clients have with your product or services by prioritizing them depending on their urgency.

Anyhow an Automated Customer Service means a good Customer Service and with a good Customer Service, your clients will be happy.

It is very important that your potential or already existing customers know that they can count on you. This builds trust and creates relationships with them which is vital if you want to create a strong brand and returning customers.


The volume of clients that an eCommerce business has to manage makes Marketing Automation invaluable these days.

Marketing is about communication on both sides and while being able to communicate your messages effectively is a serious matter being able to give the right answers at the right time is very important as well.

So if you want to do it at scale effectively there is no other solution than using Automation.

Author Bio: George is a Growth Marketing Associate working for email automation software Moosend! He loves to write about Marketing in the Digital Era and the growth hacks that he is discovering in his everyday explorations. He is always interested in talking about experiences and ideas so feel free to drop him a message to share your interesting knowledge.

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