The Best Affiliate Marketing Extensions for Magento

Want to dive into the world of eCommerce affiliate marketing with your Magento store? Get the top affiliate marketing extensions at

MSemantic: Semantic SEO for Rich Snippets in Google and ...

This extension enables SEO based on Semantic Web / Linked Data Technology. It is based on ...

Post Affiliate Pro Connector

Post Affiliate Pro integration for Magento.

Auguria Sponsorship

This module allows customers to earn fidelity and sponsorship points. We are looking for ...

Refer a Friend by aheadWorks

Leverage the power of referrals to boost your business with the Refer a Friend Magento module!

IncentiBox Community Rewards

Create an community rewards (loyalty) program for your Magento store, and turn visitors into Brand ...

Referzo – Monetize The Social Network

Monetize the social network by paying customers who refer sales thru Facebook or any other networks.

All4coding Google AdSense Widget

This is a widget to add Google AdSense script to your page.

Lomadee - Buscapé Company (Official)

Lomadee extension for Magento

ChannelPilot - The innovative Multi-Channel-Marketing Tool

ChannelPilot is a powerful cloud-based tool for professional multi-channel online marketing.

Points and Rewards by Medma

This extension adds a Reward and Referral program to your existing Magento Store.