Growing Your Online Business Through Content Marketing

You can easily launch a small online business. And you may be offering products or services that you know consumers will need and want. But nothing really happens until those sales start coming in.

How much thought have you given to marketing your business? Chances are, if you are a small business owner, you are not a marketer. And you may not have the budget to employ one.

So, here are some tips for “down and dirty” cheap marketing strategies that will get you off the ground. They will require some work on your part, and perhaps some inexpensive outside help, but you can do this.

Here we go.

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Magento Extensions That Every Business Must Possess

One of the top-selling eCommerce platforms, Magento is the first choice amongst eCommerce merchants. All giant names in the industry like Nike, MotherCare and Bazaar are on Magento. Magento comes with top of the line functionality that can also be improved further with the help of some powerful Magento extensions. With a whole gamut of extensions, Magento helps in customizing your website in line with the particular business requirements.

Magento constitutes a collection of extensions that help in adding extra functionality that you might be looking for on an eCommerce website. Whether it is about tracking sales or looking to make checkout simple and straightforward, Magento offers extensions that can better help manage your online business. Let’s take a look:

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The Ultimate List of Magento Events

Magento platform has one of the best communities in eCommerce and that’s why its calendar is full of conferences and meetups for Magento enthusiasts and specialists to attend. 

To keep pace with the hottest trends, you need to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. And nothing can help you do this better than offline conferences and events, where you can get new ideas, share your own experience, meet like-minded people and establish beneficial contacts.

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Customizing Magento 2’s API with Bulk Product Imports

Guest post by We Are Magneto 

Recently, we had a requirement to integrate a Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) product database into a Magento 2 store. This integration would constantly sync product data between the two systems. For this integration, we would have to find some way of communicating with the external database, receiving the product data, and importing it into Magneto’s own database. Unfortunately Magento 2, like a lot of PHP frameworks, doesn't provide a PDO adapter for communicating with MSSQL directly. An added complication, in this case, was that access to the MSSQL server was protected behind a firewall. 

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Why blog on an eCommerce site?

Informative, entertaining, engaging and... a key revenue source!  These are just some of your expectations, right? 

If you’ve ever thought about starting a business blog, but haven't done it yet, it’s a hight time to reconsider. eCommerce blogging will help you to drive more traffic to your store. With more traffic, you have better chances of growing your sales. 

In this post, you’ll learn why you should start a blog on your eCommerce site, where you can find blog post ideas as well as many other necessary blogging tips.

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M-Commerce in Facts And Figures [Infographic]

As we previously highlighted in our posts — nowadays the PHONE is where the Heart is, cause cell phone has
become something we can’t survive without. 

Mobile use is growing every day and more people buy goods and services using their mobile devices. Consumers today are moving to mobile all around the globe. 

Mobile Commerce is growing by leaps and bounds... That's why we try to highlight the importance of mobile marketing strategies, not just for Magento stores, but for any kind of eCommerce business. 

To achieve better brand positioning, drive targeted clients and to optimize success, you should know mobile commerce trends and insights.

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MageCloud Update: New Magento 2.1 Themes

More great news for MageCloud users. Our clients have been waiting for this for quite some time now. 

This week we've launched our new Magento 2 themeswhich cover different eCommerce niches. Their functionality and customization options are pretty robust. They all feature nice, simple and clean design and offer a host of marketing features right out of the box.

We offer you themes with solid functionality and customization options. They come for FREE and with a range of great features, which are designed to make your life much easier. 

You can find all of the available M2 themes here

Let's take a closer look at these themes! 

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Mobile Marketing Strategies To Drive Business Growth

HOME is where the heart is, but today, the PHONE is where the Heart is! This means cell phone has become something we can’t survive without. People interact with their phones in a very different way than they do with their PC’s. Mobile has not just revolutionized people’s lives but also the business. Consumers today are moving to mobile all around the globe. With the increasing number of people using mobile to connect with your business, it prepares you to market your products efficiently to mobile consumers on the devices they use.

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How Different eCommerce Platforms Are Reacting To GDPR

GDPR came into effect on May 25th, 2018 and concerns data protection for individuals in the European Union. It offers control over uses of consumer data in the form of increased transparency. When it comes to the online business, it is expected that eCommerce businesses will significantly be impacted.

This is the reason giant names in the realm of eCommerce are taking necessary steps to make themselves ready for the new changes. Let’s explore:

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Looking for a better digital experience...migrate to Magento 2

Guest post by NexSoftSys

Magento is a popular e-commerce site supporting software which is known to provide the best customer experience as well as simplify the life of the owner! About 2 lakh e-commerce sites across the globe are known to operate on the initial version Magento 1.x. Just like the apps and software are updated regularly with new and improved features, the latest version of Magento was launched in 2015, Magento 2.0. This comes with better and powerful tools for technical analysis and improved efficiency.

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